Custom Foal Option

We do not breed for ourselves. Our main goal and focus is to provide well bred, well handled, affordable foals for the dedicated rider/trainer looking for his or her next prospect.

We therefore gladly accept requests for custom foals!

We will work with you to select the right mare and stallion to produce a custom foal suited to your specific goal and taste.

The term 'custom' usually implies additional expense, but in keeping with our commitment to making this affordable to you, these prices are no different then with most of our 'in-utero' contracts. Stud fee and related breeding fees: such as cost of importing semen into Canada, insemination fee and cost of the surrogate mares in the case of ET are the buyer's responsibility. We take care of vaccination, transport to and from the clinic, care of the mare and surrogate mare, registration and off course handling and care of the foal. Don't worry we have a contract were we spell it all out!

Contact us for the 2016 breeding season.

(Ferro X Saluut II)

Deesse has always outproduced herself. Smart foals with loads of presence and great trainability, usually with plenty of size. For her we look for a stallion that can add length of leg, stronger hind end and a finer, higher neck set. She carries both Jumper and Dressage blood so she is quite versatile. Does better with fresh semen.
$5000+stud fee of stallion of choice and related breeding fees.
(Donnerhall X Romadour II)

Donation is a gem of old proven bloodlines. All her foals have scored premium at their inspection and have all gone on to the dressage ring with their owners. Donation passes on her great temperament, compact frame and superb topline. She is 16.2hh and generally produces close to her size. She is only available via embryo transfer from fresh or frozen semen.