August 20th, 2020

We started a blog.

We felt the need to share our experience more widely then the website or the facebook page could offer so we started a blog. Our farm news will also be posted there from now on. Since we will be updating the website in the next few weeks we will incorporate the blog into that new website. Until then you can catch it here:Formosus Sporthorses BLOG Just right click so it can open in a different window.

August 8th, 2020

The 2020 breeding season is over.

The most efficient breeding season in recent memory! Both mares cooperated fully and caught on their first cycle post foaling. We have two super nice foals coming next year, if all goes well. No matter what however, we are done for the season as it is already August!

July 14th, 2020

Kreation's black colt is sold.

We are thrilled to report that Kreation's black colt, after being considered by quite a few potential buyers, has found a home! He will be moving to Langley B.C once weaned in the new year. We are very happy for him and his future partner. They have requested that his name be changed to Pavarotti when being registered (since this is a P year for KWPN). Meanwhile this little colt is charming all those who come in contact with him. He is so full of energy and curiosity it's a real pleasure to see him explore the world.

July 7th, 2020

A leggy palomino colt for Zigami.

After a long steady preparation, Zigami finally released her colt into the world. A long stemmed beauty, like his dam, this colt arrived late in the evening under a sky full of star. Zigami, like Kreation, took to motherhood very well and is both protective and nurturing. The colt is healthy and passed all his milestones very quickly. This is the end of the foaling season for us and we are very thankful to literally have had all our wishes fulfilled.

June 25th, 2020

Kreation delivers a stunning black colt.

Kreation did it! She delivered a healthy colt in the middle of the night on June 25th. She did everything perfectly and is being an excellent first time mother. Baby is doing quite well and unfolding. He is well put together with Tuxedo-like markings: four socks and one big star. This guy will be a stunner! So relieved to have him on the ground and thriving.

May 31st, 2020

The Zigami X Milky Way upcoming foal is sold in-utero.

This upcoming cross got a lot of attention and we received many serious inquiries over the last few weeks but this weekend someone committed and the contract was signed and downpayment made. Now we will not be alone as we impatiently wait for this little one's arrival!

As always with those sales, a lot of uncertainties remain but we offer a contract that offers very little risks to the buyer. If for what ever reason, for exemple, the foal was not born healthy all monies are refunded. The only thing we dont allow is a change of heart. But in this case: seriously how can this baby not be something special!

April 15th, 2020

We are looking back on some of our Alumni.

This spring we are doing a bit of a retrospective of some of the foals we sold over the year. They are featured on our Facebook page and you can read about them by selecting each pictures to get to know a bit more about why we did the breeding that we did, how was the foal and how it all turned out. There is a few already on and we plan to add a new one every few weeks.

Go take a look! (right click on the link for it to open in another tab): Formosus Alumi on Facebook

February 28th, 2020

Menuet has found her person!

We are very happy that after a thorough vet check (thank you Dr. Wise) and a few conversations Menuet was sold to a home in New Jersey. She seems destined to do a little bit of everything like we were hoping. Some show on the line, some hunter rounds and some dressage. Sounds like exactly what she was bred for and what we hoped for her. It will be very sad to see her go, she is so much like her mother Donation (but in a brown package) that it will be extra hard to let her get on that trailer in April, but I have Kreation to keep the mother line alive.  Menuet deserves her person as she just craves interaction and has all the athletic ability needed to do what ever her trainer trains her to do. Happy trail little red head.

January 26th, 2020

New year brings 15 year Retrospective.

To celebrate our 15th year of breeding and raising horses we will do a retrospective on some of our Alumni. We contacted their owners and asked them to share some pictures and a few comments about their Formosus horses. It's a fun way to reconnect. We will be running that feature both here and on our Facebook page complete with pictures and information about the sire and dams and why they were selected.
We will post each retrospective on our FOR SALE page. Go take a look!

August 15th, 2019

Breeding season 2019

The breeding season is in the books. It was a frustrating one that kept us going until August, not what we wanted. Considering we started in late April this tells you something about our efforts.This is now the second year that we are struggling, I hope next year is the better one that return us to the normal.

Zigami being a maiden we first tried her with some excellent frozen rocket fuel by Dauphin. We really were hoping to get that nice Donnerhall crossed with the Florestan blood we are aiming for. After two well-timed cycles, we switched to fresh. Not at all convinced, she was fertile we looked for a stallion owner willing to accommodate us with a trial. Our first choice was Dannenbrog-again seeking that Donnerhall blood but the stud fee and the breeding contract were a bit too risky for us at this time. Darlene Tierney owner of the german riding pony Milky Way stepped up to the challenge and with her wonderful service and the super swimmers of her pony stallion we succeeded- a super huge thank you to her! It still took three cycle but I think that is in part for now quite knowing Zigami’s cycle and the fact that she was still a bit unsettled in her new life.

Kreation proved that she was her mother's daughter, giving us an embryo for ET by Sandro Hit on her first cycle- sadly the surrogate did not keep it and so we lost what was our most anticipated cross. Then we tried her with some iffy frozen semen that did not work, after that, it was just a comedy of errors (not a funny one!) with a delayed fresh semen shipment, a confused inseminator (me!) and finally a perfectly timed cycle that succeeded. A huge thanks to Ted Parkinson owner of Fabregas for supporting us and being on top of things.

So it is late but it looks like both mares are now pregnant.

April 5th, 2019

Goodbye to Donation.

This week was a hard one: Donation was laid to rest. She was a very loving and dignified mare and she deserved a fitting end to her long and well-lived life, and so she went, surrounded by her daughters. We will miss her fuzzy ears and her gentle calm presence. She will live on in the 13 gorgeous souls she bore: Salvation, Royal Luftanzer, Faverick, Devotion, Don Petroff, Willow’s Dream, Quite a Doll, Question Mark, San Diego, Knight’s Renegade, Kreation, Menuet and Manège. A piece of our heart goes with every one but with her goes a piece of history. She was a daughter of Donnerhall and a granddaughter of Romadour II: old lines that we particularly treasure for what they bring and for what she exemplified: good temperament and solid work ethics.

February 21st, 2019

A new mare for a new year.

We welcome the new mare Zigami (Zack/Florestan) this month. While we were not really looking to add another mare the death of Kyana left a space open in our program. We never thought we would have the opportunity to purchase of mare of Zigami’s quality and we are thrilled to bring her into the fold. We hope in the future to breed her and blend her very modern lines to our old favorites of Donnerhall and Rubinstein while the two daughters of Donation (v.Donnerhall) can in turn be bred to more modern and particularly F lines stallions. We hope that way to continue to produce good-minded horses that have the added movement and suppleness required by today’s amateur riders.

January 9th, 2019

Sad, sad day.

We were terribly saddend to find Kyana with a broken shoulder this morning in the pasture. We got the vet as soon as we could and confirmed by xrays that there was indeed nothing that could be done but end her pain. Such a sweet mare is now gone too soon. She was gentle and amazingly trying to please right to the end, even in pain. Her lovely quiet and beautifull presence will be greatly missed here, as will her Fabregas foal that should have been spectacular.

September 15th, 2018

Breeding Season 101!

Breeding season did not go exactly as planned this year. It's actually a bit of a rarity when it does, to be frank. For those of you that are not familiar with the breeding world of horses I will be honest on a few other points while I'm at it.
Yes, we breeders select the best mares we can afford, we carefully (agonizingly) evaluate the stallions available to us and pick what we think is the best paring and..... that is where the "according to plan" stops and Mother Nature takes over!!!
I will point out that contrary to other livestock: sport horses are not selected for their fertility. We select incredibly well for a bunch of really useful things for the rider: size, movement, jumping ability, temperament, ect...Fertility? It's is way down the list...
Despite this, sometimes, Mother Nature showers us with blessings and mares catch first cycle despite so-so timing, Fedex vagrancies, poor semen, exploding straws and injury and infection prone realities that are horses.
Sometime however Mother Nature is unexplainably stingy. All systems were good, timing was great, nothing went "wrong" but the mares are not pregnant. And the short northern breeding season ticks by.
The question is what do we do then?
I learned over the years that there are two camps, two approaches or philosophies if you will.
The "que sera, sera".
People in that camp use up the semen they had bought for the mare, reach the end of the breeding allocated budget (or patience) and call the season over. The next season offers promises of earlier foaling dates, better luck, renewed budget and perhaps (how fun!) a different stallion selection. Others in that camp will return mares to work, offer them for sale or kick them out to pasture with an evil eye.
Stallion selection for next year starts early for these folks. The bleary eyes go away, there is a spring in their step even though they know their wallet will be lighter next year for sure and the paddocks will be a bit empty.
The Die-hards are the second group.
These folks will arm wrestle Mother Nature Mano-a-mano!
There is no quitting: there is short cycling, lavages, protocols, line of credit extensions, fertility dances. Carefully selected stallions? You are kidding right? "Who is left in my tank?" Is more like it! "Who ships short notice?" -some will say that is why they buy lots of semen of really good stallion that way you are covered-off course!
I know that sometime they do the "Ave Maria cocktail"; throw in the semen of a few stallions: parenthood will be verified at birth anyway!
No uterus shall be left empty until the absolute end of season when a majority of mares will have the good sense to stop cycling!! Now there are perfectly good reasons to be in either or even both camps. I'm sure some will comment on that point.
However take a minutes to think of the implications of both approach on the costs of your future partner.
This year we had planned to do a bunch of embryo transfers. Sadly one mare passed away before breeding season, the other got an infection and then did not catch with very fertile semen, so we retired her to pasture. We suddenly went from potentially 4 ETs to none.
And so there is the ONE expected foal for next yea: A Fabregas x Kyana Conceived on first try!! Extra carrots all around!! Hug your horses: they are not easy to "make"- they just look that way!

June 22nd, 2018

A new arrival!

Right on time, almost as expected, Kyana delivered a stunning colt by Parcival. Tall, palomino boy decked in an almost perfect suit of stockings and blaze( he lost only one sock in the wash)!. He is unfolding nicely and has the most stunning canter. However he can't quite seem to organize himself to walk or trot-so for now he canters everywhere. We are not too worried; he will get it figured out before he heads down the centerline and starts turning heads. We've tentatively named him Petillant (bubbly) since his name has to start with P for registration but he will be known around here as Kyanti.   
We are very happy to report that he quickly found a wonderfull home that will take over his education at weaning. For now we are enjoying his sparkling personality, his good looks and his nibbles....

May 30th, 2018

A stunning loss for us.

We are sad to report that we lost a lovely mare this month. Very unexpectedly Welty, our Weltmeyer/Bolero mare passed away. She was in great shape, being ridden regularly and we were hoping to get her bred to obtain an embryo from her but sadly it seems nature decided otherwise. She was loved and extremely well taken care of all her life including those harrowing last few days when vets and tech worked so hard to save her life but to no avail. She leaves behind a sad group of people and a clutch of lovely offsprings by Fabriano, Dacaprio, Rubignon and Redwine. I do not know where all of those horses are now but I know that if they are anything like their dam they are cherished and appreciated.

April 2018

A beautiful visit

Had the opportunity to drive north and go visit 4 (four!!) of our past babies. All four of them are in the lovely and capable hands of Sandra and she was gracious ennough to re-introduce us to these beauties we helped bring into the world.
It was particularly emotional to see Deesse last two foals. Especially her daughter Divine. It's Deesse. Down to being quirky and just adorable. She talks and nickers to Sandra all the time. Her expression is exactly her mother's. I just cried and hugged her head. Then Sandra later tells me that she really doesn't like her head handled especially not by stangers. Well either I was not a stranger and she remembered me from all those years and is as smart as her mother or she knew that I needed that moment with her to say goodbye to her mother and that makes her pretty darn smart too.

Here are those beauties youngest to oldest: Divakar (Freestyle X Deesse), Divine (Wolkentanz II X Deesse), Invictus Rex (Incolor X Raphiola), Vivaldi (Dacaprio X Vendella).

March 2018

We lost one of our jewels

Sadly in the middle of Februrary during a terrible cold snap Deesse developed an impaction. We worked hard to try to save her, the vet clinic tried hard but after 36 hours of effort we had to come to the painfull realization that we could not save her. We chose to euthanize her at that point while her pain was still quite managable. She had one last yummy meal, a good ear rub (which she always loved so much) and then she peacefully slipped away under strong drugs. Thank you for everything my goddess- you will be missed but remmembered. Deesse, registered as Limestone Stable's Paisley was by Olympic Ferro and out of Limestone Stable's Ivy who was by the great showjumper SaluutII.

August 8th

Deadalus, now renamed Diablo is under contract.

That means that he is sold but since he can't leave until he is weaned he is "under contract". When we sell foals we guarantee that the buyer will have a healthy foal at the time of weaning and so we ask for a deposit and a signed contract detailing our responsibilities and that of the buyers and the final sale is done in the fall at weaning.  Diablo is the 27th foal we have sold this way. Congrats to his new future owners. It's a great home and we are quite thrilled.

August 2nd

We have an Parcival X Kyana embryo. After a few missed cycles, this last one was the one and we have with what looks like a normal 15 days pregnancy, still a long way to go but its a start!

July 15th

The last two foals of the year arrived within two weeks of each other. First Donation delivered what will be her final foal-at least the last one she will carry. We were not sure she would carry to term so we stayed mum on that one but her Redwine filly is just exquisite and Dona foaled like a young mare: quick and with no complications. 

Deesse then had her last foal too: a strapping big colt like only her knows how to cook them and deliver them. This boy is all chromed up and by the young stallion DeltaForce. 

We are very happy and relieved on how those two mares have fared this year. A summer of mommy duty and then well earned retirement.

You can see the pictures of the foals on our For Sale page and on their dam's pages

June 1st

Breeding this year.
The first paring of the year: Kyana will be bred to the accomplished dressage stallion Parcival for a 2018 guaranteed to be palomino foal.

May 28th

First foal of the year is here.
The surrogate mare Bonnie delivered the first of our foal this year. The bay filly is by Fabregas (by Florencio) and out of our Donnherall daughter Donation. This is a very well bred filly already showing the strenght of her pedigree with a lovely topline and a good strong loing, the legs are long but at that age they all have long legs!! She is very calm and accept human contact readily, friendly in fact. We will share more pictures as she unfolds and fills out. For now she is a tyical newborn: she sleeps and she drinks. She will be offered for sale-stay tuned.

July 17th-2016

Embryo recovered!
This year we bred Donation to Fabregas and the embryo was successfully transferred to a surrogate mare. Fingers crossed that the pregnancy continues without a hitch. This would give us a super dressage foal for early summer 2017. Excitted!

June 8th

It's a girl!!
Hadria delivered a bay filly in the early hours of the morning. Lots of chrome on this little one. Three socks (like dad!) and a big star and stripe down her face and drip on her chin. She is very straight and correct and so far healthy and vigorous. Good job Hadria!

June 10th

Homebred boy does good!
Consul's End Game by the Dutch stallion Consul and out of the Saddlebred mare Ivory Lace was a custom foal born in 2010. Today he went to his first schooling over cross country fences and took to it like duck to water. He was solid and brave and hoped over the little jumps with all the confidence in the world. It was so nice to see one of our "babies" doing what he was hoped and dreamed to be.

December 10th

Fall news
After receiving tons of interest in Diego we finally settled on a local home for him. He will be staying in Canada. In fact he will stay with us until the summer! So he is now weaned but staying home with his brother KLM who is also with us until next summer and his sister Kreation that was weaned at the same time when the surrogate mares Promise and Jewel went back to the breeding center.
We also agreed to sell Nordica to Ravenwood Sporthorses. They had been leasing her for the last two years and it was just such a great match we agreed to sell her and have her remain with them in an amazing home that loves her dearly. So congratulation to Tamara and Shelly for the purchase of those two wonderful equines!
Winter is gradually settling in here in southern Alberta and we are ready for it. Plenty of hay, a settled herd. Things are good!
Here is a picture of this year's foal crop: San Diego, Kreation and KLM with their dam Donation

September 30th

San Diego available for sale
Completely out of the blue and for circumstances that have nothing to do with him San Diego is back on the market. We worked hard to find a solution but in the end the buyer had to back out due to lack of funds. So San Diego, who will be weaned in about a month is now back on the market. He is the sweetest, most bombproof baby on the farm. He will be a big horse with lots of power we hope he will use it for good. If you are interested: let us know! He is offered for now at $5000 US or ~$6700 Canadian. A good choice for jumping or dressage he has numerous half siblings (both from the same dam and from the same sire) that are doing extremely well.

June 10th

And then they were three!
Donation delivered a lovely colt! This one, that she carried herself was exactly what its new owner was hoping for: a proof that sometime your wishes do come true exactly as you wanted them. We are so happy to see this last foal of the year arrive safely and Donation being a sweet mother she certainly carried him well and delivered him with no issues. It's a very good year!!!

May 25th

Second foal arrives and the first one gets a name!
The second surrogate mare Promise delivered a beautiful and refined filly by Rubinero on May 17th. This young one is a bit more reserved then her rambunctious brother but I'm sure she will come around. Speaking of the little (not so little) colt, after a month without a name he finally has one. We settled on San Diego. We are also happy to announce that some smart folks saw past his current and temporary knee contraction and decided that he was the one for them. Diego is sold to a wonderful and experience family and we are very happy for both party.

April 26th

The first foal is here
The first surrogate mare Jewel foaled a black colt on May 26th. This little guy was born with the "wrong" plumbing and so he is for sale. He is very correct although still a bit contracted in front at this point. Super friendly, bold and full of energy. We are looking forward to seeing him unfold and mature.

April 14th

Foaling season is approaching.
How exciting! The pregnant mares are round, shedding their winter coat and starting to prepare for the arrival of their foals. The first one due is Jewel, the surrogate carrying Donation's foal by Soprano. She is now at the 320 day mark and her foal can now be born and should be viable. She is most likely going to hang on until early May however. Next is Promise with the first of the Donation/Rubinero babies. Both girls were moved to a nearby foaling facility to finish their pregnancy and deliver because we will be in and out of the country over the next few weeks and did not want to separate the two pasture mates. Donation remains at home and is due a little bit later. We are hoping all goes well of course and are particularly excited to see what those three siblings will look like. Depending on what we see Donation throwing more dominantly we will see about breeding her to Sandro Hit or Hofrat or even perhaps Rotspon. Stay tuned!

March 27th

Red Ink is SOLD
We were hoping to keep Red Ink, had made plans for breeding her this spring but her person came along! She will be with us until early May and then make her way to Ontario to start her new life as a riding partner into a well experienced home. What a stunning mare she is turning into, movement, temperament and presence: she has a lot of lovely qualities. If we had more room we would have kept her but our priority is now making sure we have room for the foals that are coming and the for the aging mares that will be retiring here over the next few years. Her partner in crime: Hadria leaves for training next week. She is still for sale and we are looking forward to sharing her progress under saddle.

November 23rd

Raphiola is sold.
We are happy to announce that Raphiola has found a new home. She is going to a very knowledgeable breeding and riding home just south of Calgary. We will be able to keep in touch with her and her future offspring including the one she is currently carrying by Escudo I. For those that were wondering: we are strictly selling her because we are getting a bit tight on space here. We were extremely lucky in the spring and ended up with two successful embryo transfer (that means two surrogate mares!) and the young fillies we kept (Hadria and Red Ink) are still around until they are started under saddle so sadly we needed to make room. Raphiola is a super producer but one of our youngest. Deesse has earned her forever home with us and when we bought Dona we knew it would also be her last home: she is not going anywhere no matter what. Raphiola was not going to go just anywhere but this home is really a good fit.

November 8th

Divakar went home
Divakar left for his forever home. He was true to himself: looked that that odd box we wanted to have him step into and after a moment of consideration kind of shrugged and said "ok-I'll get in there". What a good boy he is. We are very happy for Sandra who secretly always hoped to get a big grey gelding for her to develop in dressage. I think this boy will tick all the boxes for her. Happy trails you two!

September 30th

The colts are learning their manners
We are so pleased with the two colts born this year. Divakar by Freestyle and out of Deesse is growing big and strong but remains a real easy boy to handle. San Raphael by Sandro Hit and out of Raphiola has more spunk but is so sweet and interested in everything we do with a clear desire to participate. Here are some candid shot of them taken one evening as we were working with them in the yard and away from their dam. They are close to 4 months old in those pictures.

September 12th

Where did summer go!?.
This last week we got an unexpected, premature blast of winter. Close to 10 cm of snow, wind and just miserable conditions for a few days made it a bit challenging to say the least. The horses don't have their winter coat yet and the trees still had all their leaves. All is well now and the sunshine has returned, the mosquitoes population took quite a hit however.
On the good new department we have two more pregnancies to announce bringing our total to four for next year. Donation is carrying a Rubinero embryo of her own and Raphiola is in foal to the 2009 Hanoverian Stallion of the year: Escudo 1. Both are due in June 2015. If all goes well it will be one of the busiest year here at Formosus.

Since we have our coming three years old fillies to start and older mares to care for we are reducing our numbers. In addition to all the upcoming foals being for sale we are also offering Raphiola in foal for sale for $7000 negotiable to the right home. Raphiola is sound and is our most fertile broodmare. Let us know if you are interested. We would love to find her a good home before next spring.


How quickly they grow up.
Today we had the pleasure of seeing Ender embark on his new life as a riding horse with his owner. Ender was a custom foal; a carefully laid plan of crossing one of the most proven Dutch Warmblood stallion in North America (Consul by Nimmerdor) with our cremello, super mover, Saddlebred mare Elfin in hope of getting an athletic, sensitive but sensible eventer. This weekend Ender and his owner are one step closer to achieving this goal. Thanks to Trish Twedell at Eckwood Equine that put a solid start on him over the last few months Ender is now ready to continue his journey with his amateur owner in hope of showing next summer. Time just flew by it seems from the time this little colt that loved to run and jump straight up in the air animated our pastures to the composed young horse we saw today.

July 20th

Second heartbeat
We have another heartbeat, this one belongs to a Rubinero/Donation embryo in the surrogate mare aptly named Promise. Rubinero is a black homozygous son of Rubinstein, proven in dressage under professional and amateur riders alike, his excellent temperament and ability well represent the R line that we like so much. This up coming foal is a custom foal and we are thrilled to know it is on its way. It will be a long 10 months for its future owner!

June 29th

We've got a heartbeat
This year we decided to attempt breeding via Embryo Transfer and we are thrilled to announce that the first pairing of the season: Soprano X Donation, now has a healthy heartbeat inside the surrogate mare Jewel. If all continues to go well with the pregnancy, we should expect a dark coat foal in May 2015. Very exciting indeed. Soprano is one of the most highly sought Sandro Hit son standing in North America today and the pairing of the Sandro Hit line with the Donnerhall line has produced some lovely horses. We were quite impressed with Determinato (Soprano X Deesse) and look forward to having another Soprano's foal in our yard next year.

June 23rd

It's a colt!
Raphiola delivered an exquisite bay colt in the early hours of Monday morning. Three socks and a tiny star and snip this boy was very vigorous and up before mom. Lovely Raphiola took good care of him and by daylight he was up, fed, and learning to use his long stilts. All looks very normal on this boy other then his lax pasterns in the back that will gain strength in the next few days and weeks. The new owner had a name picked out for him and so he is to be called San Raphael.

June 9th

Raphiola's foal under contract
We are happy to announce that Raphiola's upcoming Sandro Hit foal is now under contract. This foal should be born in the next ten days or so. We are thrilled to have a good home lined up for this sure to be lovely foal. Congrats to the new owners!

June 2nd

Two foals born!!
Twenty four hours apart Deesse and Nordica got down to business.
Nordica produced a third (THIRD!) chestnut filly with lots of white by the stallion Sir Gregory. This little princess is a sister to Gabrina (by Consul) and Isadora (by Dauphin) and is cut out of the same Nordica mold: big, correct, friendly and born without a worry. Thank you Nordica once more!
Deesse gave us a third grey colt. Our mares are nothing if not consistent! This one by Freestyle is bit more refined then his older brothers : Deimos (by Idocus) and Determinato (by Soprano) but he has a lot of their other qualities: a quiet dignity, beautiful movement and very correct limbs. Pictures are on the Facebook page and as soon as they are formatted correctly I will upload them unto this site!

May 4th

Welty has left for her new home
Yesteday was a bittersweet day. Welty left for her new home. We only wanted to best home for her and so we told ourself that maybe we would be lucky and nothing would come along and we could selfishly keep her here. But a truly great home, with wonderful references came along and so we let her go. She really deserve to have more attention and she is such a treat to ride that she was going to waste here.
We were both honoured and thrilled to have a daughter of the great Weltmeyer part of our broodmare band for a few years. She gave us two fillies: Rhea by Rubignon that sold in-utero and RedInk by Redwine that we are keeping for now, perhaps as a project horse for ourselves in a few years as she is both lovely, kind and such a looker. We wish Welty and her new owner many years of fun in dressage and on the trails.

Feb 10th

2015 foal under contract
We are happy to announce that Donation’s (Donnerhall/Romadour II) 2015 baby is under contract. She will be bred to the stallion Rubinero in hope of getting a compact, dark, dressage oriented baby for an aspiring dressage rider from the Calgary area. We are very excited to embark on this adventure with them!

Jan 25th

Isadora is sold!
Congratulation to Isadora’s new owners! We are happy to say that this lovely filly (Dauphin/Briar) has found a knowledgeable forever home. She will be leaving us in the next few weeks and leaving behind a very big hole in our daily lives as she is the most pleasant, people oriented filly one can imagine. Her new owners made the long trip to come and see her in person and as we knew was likely to happen once seen in the flesh it was hard to resist this charming young lady. They were impressed by her excellent temperament, good manners and of course striking, flashy look! She is destined to a future of serious amateur dressage and jumping fun, exactly what she is bred to do. We are thrilled for her and for her new connections!

Jan 1st

We found her!!!
Be still our heart, we finally found the perfect match! We’ve been looking for almost six months now for a suitable mount for our regular rider. This young lady has been riding and handling our broodmares for years and between some past injuries to our mares limiting their ability and of course the nearly yearly interruptions of having foals she still came regularly to exercise and train. We thought it was high time for her to have something serious to ride. We had some pretty strict guidelines that made the search difficult but we found her! And we think she is darn near perfect. Presenting Tzarina (née Trina) by Burggraaf and out of Elsina by Palfrenier. Leggy 17.1 hh bay mare, trained to 4th level in dressage but with a heart and mind for jumping, she will arrive later in January and hopefully hit the competition ring this summer. We found her at CBsporthorses in Sylmar California and I cannot say enough good things about Carin Bannos. This mare is *exactly* as described and Carin was nothing but super helpful at getting transport and export arranged. She supplies us with all the info we needed and was completely straight forward to deal with. Muchos Gracias Carin!!
Picture taken when she finally arrived in late January. Smiles all around!!


Dec 28th

Year end!
With some pretty vicious snow storms, winter came early to southern Alberta. We have already more snow around the farm this far in the year then we sometime see in one season. Shelters have been cleared numerous time already and parts of the pastures are completely cut off by snow drifts too deep for even the most ambitious of our grazers. So as we settled down for a few months of cold winter we reflect on the last 12 months.

This year was the year of Redline, Divine and Isadora: such a fine bunch of foals, challenging foals that thankfully were all healthy and strong and grew up very well. It was so nice to get a filly from Deesse and she was a stunner-can't wait to see her dance in the dressage ring that one. Raphiola once more produced a correct and powerfull colt that looked so much like her! And Nordica had the sweetest, loveliest filly one could ask and despite countless inquiries and interest she is still, inexplicably , in our yard. As far as youngster goes she is so easy we really don't mind.

Hadria and RedInk are growing up very well. RedInk starting to show once more the beautiful movement she had as a foal now that her shoulder have caught up with her hindquarters.

Looking ahead we are excitted for next year foal crop of course. Raphiola is carrying a Sandro Hit baby and Deesse one by Freestyle. Both girls look positively pregnant at this point.
We were thrilled to acquire an older broodmare: Donation, a direct daughter of Donnerhall has come to grace our pastures for the rest of her life. We are excitted to try embryo transfer with this fine girl. She has a history of being extremely fertile so we will cross our fingers that all goes well. If it is not meant to be we are still so happy to have her here. She is carrying such influencial bloolines it is like having a piece of history grazing in our back yard.

Next year will be a year of change for us. Other then Donation's embryo transfer we will not be breeding the other mares. Raphiola will be offered for sale after she has delivered her 2014 foal. Nordica will also be offered for sale. We hope to make room for another generation and spend a bit of time in the performance arena with a new addition we hope to announce in the new year.

To those of you reading these line, we hope you had a great Christmas season and wish you a Happy New year.

Nov 10th

Our traditional fall photo shoot.
This weekend we took our traditional pictures of the foals before they start leaving for their new homes. Here is this years crop:Isadora (Dauphin/Briar), Divine (WolkentanzII/Ferro) and Redline (Hotline/RioGrande).

Sept 22nd

Fall is here, already!??
Where did the summer go?! Well around here it seems like we were forever waiting for the rain to stop! It was rain week after week well past the middle of July, it made the pastures lush and green but the quality of the hay suffered. Thankfully or trusted suppliers came through and we still have some great quality hay put away.

We put together a little video of what the summer looked like: Foal crop of 2013

Breeding season had its up and down (doesn't it always go that way??)
Nordica took two cycles to conceive and kept us guessing but was finally confirmed at 15 days, 30 days and finally at 45 days with a Sir Gregory baby for a custom foal.
Deesse was the fertile myrtle again this year but thankfully did not twin when bred to the equally fertile stallion Freestyle. She was also confirmed at 45 days.
And last to be bred but also catching on the first attempt was Raphiola with a confirmed pregnancy to Sandro Hit.
The downside was Welty. We tried to breed her twice with very fertile frozen semen but to no avail. She is definitely a fresh semen only gal at her age. We chose not to breed her with fresh as the season was advancing and we think that she has much to offer as a riding horse so she is currently for sale. If she is still with us in the spring we might re-assess her status.

The foals have all become well adjusted and friendly youngsters as you can see in the video and we had the pleasure of introducing a big exercise ball to their paddock. Redline totally fell in love with the ball and we've capture some hilarious video of him playing with it. Redline plays with the ball.


June 29th

Foaling season is over!
Gale force wind and driving rain finally inspired Raphiola to give birth on the summer solstice. Beautiful bay colt by Hotline arrived in the wee hours in the morning and was well worth the wait. Regal and very correct, healthy and quick to his feet this was a perfect end to a great foaling season. Raphiola is an experienced mother that does an excellent job with her babies. With this arrival we are relieved to see the end of this beautiful but stressful time. Three healthy foals on the ground! Yay!!!

New pictures of the foals are uploaded on their dam's page and on our facebook page. Now the "fun" of re-breeding for next season starts-no rest for the breeders at this time of the year!


June 12th

Second foal of the year has arrived!!
After giving us some indication that she would foal early, Deese went down to business in the night from the 12th to the 13th (326 days of gestation). As usual, she thought she was being sneaky when it fact she was totally transparent.
After having 4 colts she graced us with a filly!!! Plenty of chrome and in chestnut wrapper, which looks like will stay chestnut and not go grey, this baby by WolkentanzII (Weltmeyer) is very nice. We wanted refinement and springy gaits from that cross. Gaits are hard to assess right now but the refinement is there, especially since this is a filly. Deesse is very proud of her little one and taking good care of her. We are hugely happy to see Deesse with a baby at her side once more.


May 18th

First foal has arrived!!
Nordica delivered a perfect filly in the bright daylight of a warm sunny day. Could not have asked for better timing or weather. Caught the whole thing on video and I might post it on youtube when I have a few minutes. This filly is strong healthy and straight, a bit lax in the fetlocks for now but gaining strenght quickly. She is stunning, very similar to Gabrina her older sister but more refined and feminine. Three high socks and a nice big star. Nordica is an awesome mom as always. Very happy with the two of them!!!

May 12th

Spring has sprung!!
Foaling season is about to begin. Nordica is first due with her Dauphin foal before the end of the month. She looks very large but it is deceptive because she is such a huge mare. She is her usual mellow and extra cuddly self at this time. Her foal is not yet spoken for and so it's a last chance to get what will no doubt be a really nice prospect for the in-utero price.

Raphiola should be next in about a month. She is cooking her Hotline baby for a very excited young lady that can’t wait to see what her future dressage prospect will look like. We are pretty excited too.

Deesse will be coming home after spending the winter keeping an aging gelding company. Her baby is very much anticipated by someone who has been waiting patiently for 4 years now to get a Deesse baby. (We really respect that level of patience in clients!) With the news of Determinato’s (Soprano X Deesse) progress under saddle we are of course quite excited to see what this cross with Wolkentanz It will look like.

Selecting stallions this year has been exceptionally hard. With the mare aging it was decided that we would use our frozen semen before the girls are no longer candidate for frozen semen and so as a first choice we will be dipping into the frozen tanks for the ladies this spring. Once they are confirmed in foal we shall reveal who we picked for whom. If frozen doesn’t work we will fall back on some breeding to stallion in North America for which we have already paid a breeding fee.

Nordica has been leased to the wonderful family at Ravenwood’s Sporthorses, if all goes well she will leave us in the fall at weaning for a full year to go cook and deliver a foal for them. We are pleased as punch to be helping them out.

Welty has spend a good part of the winter being ridden and as usual impressed everyone with her suppleness, her willingness to work and how well trained she is.

The two babies Inka (Red Wine X Welty) and Hadria (our Dutch harness Horse filly by Charmant) are yearlings now and will soon be going to pasture for the summer.

Elfin was put for sale but the right home has not come along so we will keep her for one more year, breed her and ride her on the trails this summer. Her first outing went very well despite many months since her last ride. She is like silk to ride: super sensitive and smooth.


December 22th

End of the year
Winter is here and the mares are fuzzy and happy. Welty has moved to a local stable where I will be able to get her back in shape and ride her regularly until spring. The weaning went well and I think she was more then ready to move on to other things, she is such a good broodie: loves her babies but knows when its time to move on!
Nordica and Raphiola are growing round and fat together roaming the 8 acres of their pasture and coming in for evening feed.
The whole herd have had their teeth floated, got their vaccination and deworming in order and are ready to face the long dark night of winter north of the 57th parrallel, wish I could say the same thing! (the ready for winter bit!!!)


December 5th

Fall news
This fall it was my turn to go shopping for a weanling. Since I made the decision to keep Welty's exquisite filly by RedWine I had to find her an "age appropriate" buddy since the rest of the herd is definitely past the "playing and having fun" age!
I went back to my old love: the Dutch Harness Horse and was able to find a breeder here in Canada. I purchased Hadria in October from Shaddy Rill Farm in Ontario, after a visit to their farm in late September. I was able to see their breeding stallion and Hadria's sire; Charmant, in the flesh. I also saw his previous and most recent foal crops and the mares he was bred too. Out of a selection of 2012 filly I chose Hadria and she arrived home a few weeks later, fresh from weaning and from a week long trip across the country.
Little Hadria has settled in beautifully and is the most quiet, best adjusted little filly one could want. She is currently showing Inka the ropes on how to be a big girl under the watchfull eye of Elfin.


August 22nd

Inspection results
On the weekend of August 11th we took Raphiola and Deesse to a Canadian Warmblood inspection. It was the ideal time to get them inspected as they did not have any foal on side and since they are being worked regularly they were both in good shape.
Raphiola had already been inspected for the German Oldenburg Mare book but since Rex and her upcoming foal by Hotline are to be registered with Canadian Warmblood it made good sense to have her inspected there also. Beside it is always good to get trained eyes to comment on your breeding stocks.

Both girls behaved very well although suprisingly Deesse was more "up" about the whole thing then Raphiola. They both scored very well. Deesse got a total score of 7 and good comments on her overall built and correctness especially considering that she has had 6 foals. They would have like to see more suspension in the trot and bit more push from behind.

Raphiola got one of the highest score of the day with 7.6. The judge comment was that there were "no holes" in her conformation, ways of going and impression. She could be a bit more leggy and an inch taller would not hurt.

We are gratefull for Trish from Eckwood Equine for the great handling she did running the mares on the triangle and for her help overall. A thank you also to Deesse and Raphiola trainer and rider Carolyn for getting them ready and keeping them fit over the summer.


Change to the Roster
We acquired Mascara a few months ago hoping to bring new blood and jumping pedigree to Formosus. Alas Mascara did not cycle well this year and was not bred. In the meantime we made the decision to keep Inka a bit longer to see how she evolves and so we had to make the tough decision to sell Mascara before she ever set foot on the farm. Things have worked out and she is going to a new home. I really wish I had 100 of acres to keep them all but even then I would not be able to give them all the attention they deserve.

Also looking for a new home is Elfin our cremello saddlebred. She will be going back to Rob Krueger at Wareabout Ranch for a bit of a refresher under saddle and then come home for some riding in the fields until we find the right home for her.

August 4th

Mid summer report
The weeks are flying by it would seem when you are chasing fertility signs!!! Finally some good news. Rahiola is in foal to Hotline, Nordica is still in foal to Dauphin and Deesse has caught on her second attempt with Wolkentanz II after loosing twins conceived the first time. No matters what happens now we are done for the year. The MJ Fusion mare we were working with in partnership with Eckwood Equine did not conceive and so she will not be coming to us. We are of course disapointed but so is the breeding ups and downs. So out of 5 mares on the roster we have three in foal at this time. We shall call this a year at this point. Don't let anyone tell you breeding is easy!

Raphiola and Nordica are both making progress in their training and will be ridden shortly and Deesse is getting fitter and working well also. It is really nice to see the girls making progress, too bad summer is so short! We do not have a riding arena so the arrival of fall will mean an end to all this fun.

With the arrival of Inka (Welty's filly) we will be taking a good look at our broodmare band and making some tough decisions in the next few months. I cannot keep them all!! We will be looking for good homes for some of the girls.

July 7th

She's here!
Welty delivered a chesnut filly on a rainy day at the end of June. She was only at 317 days but when the fruit is ripe... This filly figured everything out on her own like a big girl. She is still a bit weak in her ligaments so for now she is on limited turn out. She is getting plenty of attention from the other mares (all very jealous and facinated by "baby tv"), from her excellent mother Welty and from us that are thrilled by her calm nature and keen interest in people. We shall post more pictures as she unfolds.

On the breeding front I was right not to get too excitted... On the positive side both Deesse and Nordica seem to have caught and were sporting lovely 15 days embryos when we checked them however lots of mare seem to be loosing their pregnancy before the 30 days check this year so we are carefull not to celebrate too early.

On the disapointing side: Raphiola did not catch with Cicera's Icewater's frozen semen and it was our last dose. She is back at the breeding center and will be bred to Hotline this time. Mascara, our new (buckskin!) jumping bred mare did not cycle normally and so we elected not to breed her this summer. She will come home this fall once she has weaned her lovely 2012 colt and be put to work under saddle. We shall see about breeding her in the spring, there is no big rush: she is a young mare with plenty of time in front of her.

As you might see on "Our Mares" page we have a new face: MJ Make Wave come to us in partnership with Eckwood Equine, if she catches and is pregnant in a few weeks she will be having her foal at her place. If not she will continue her training under saddle and be evaluated in the fall. She has great movement, plenty of jump and a nice compact conformation. We shall provide more information in the next few weeks.

June 12th

Breeding season in full swing
Wow! Hard to believe it's been so long since my last update! With no foals coming this spring, it has been pretty quiet on the news front.
We took the opportunity to take a family vacation to Europe in early May and ever since we've been back it's been busy with getting ready for breeding season.
All the mares were given a full physical before we even started breeding this year and when all came back normal we started to follow their cycles. We made sure semen was in storage and that all the details were taken care off. Since April is generally a pretty crappy month weather wise we were not entirely sad to get to the end of May without having bred anyone so that means May/June foals next year: fine by me!

Happy to report that now everything is on the go. We have bred Deesse to Wolkentanz II with what looked like super timing. Fingers crossed for positive preg check in about 2 weeks.
Raphiola and Nordica are both being bred with frozen semen, so off to the breeding center they went just a few days ago. Nordica is being bred to the Hanoverian stallion Dauphin and despite some issues with the semen distributor in Canada we are ready to go now.
Raphiola is beeing bred to Cicera's Icewater the wonderfull and impressive Holsteiner stallion currently competing in eventing in the States.
We have also acquired a new mare. The buckskin german warmblood Mascara. She is by a stallion from the Gestuet-Falkenhorst breeding program in Germany and out of a well bred Holsteiner mare: jumper blood in a beautifull golden package. We descided to breed her to the jumping phenom Balou du Rouet. More on him and her as soon as her page is up in a few weeks. She will join us in a few months once she's weaned her 2012 colt.

We will try not to get too excited about those pairing just yet because, as we discovered last year, nature sometime has other plans and I'm afraid she is a tough mistress and she wins nearly all the time!

As for Welty she is getting closer, another few weeks and she should shows us her Redwine baby. Since this will be the only foal born here this year it will be the best handled, most admired little one around!!

February 10th

Three stallion chosen.
Well we've been busy and we have selected three of the stallions we will be using this year!
We have selected Wolkentanz II for Deesse. One of the best Weltmeyer son is practically in our backyard (he stands at Crooked Creek Farm in Manitoba) so we would be crazy not to use him, especially when he compliments Deesse so well. We love Welty (also by Weltmeyer) and thought that if Deesse would grace us with a filly for a change it woudn't be a bad bloodline to have consolidated in our broodmare band.

If Deesse gives us yet another colt it already has a home. Someone has been waiting or a long time for a foal by Deesse and so we certainly hope that 2013 will be the year for their dream to come true.
To see Wolkentanz II in action go to Deesse's page to see a video of this spectacular stallion.

For Nordica we have picked the small but perfect stallion Dauphin (by Donnerhall). Standing only 16.1 hh on his tipeetoes this georgeous stallion has more then proven his prepotency for excellent movement, temperament and rideability. He is listed in the top 5% of dressage sires for the Hanoverian and he is approved by SWANA which means that the Nordica X Dauphin foal will have full swedish papers.

Dauphin is not known for adding much height, which in the case of Nordica is just as well. She towers at 17.3hh and short of breeding her to a pony or an arabian we have to consider smaller stallions. In the case of Dauphin there is no compromises needed: he is smaller but perfect in every way. If you want to see him in action we've posted a link to a video on Nordica's page.

For our new mare Mascara we have chosen the stallion Consul. We had two foals by him this last year and we were impressed (although not entirely suprised) by both their interior and exterior qualities. This stallion is truly a gem and out of this jumping bred german warmlood mare we should get a really nice foal once more.

We also landed on our choice for Raphiola but we shall keep that under wrap until we have a confirmed pregnancy :-).
As for Welty she is foaling her Redwine baby quite late this year and so we shall breed her in the spring of 2013.

February 1st

Stallion selection time!!
Yes! It's the fun/crazy time of the year when we select the stallions for our fine mares.

This year we descided that we would breed as if we were getting fillies (one can dream right!) The idea would be to keep the fillies as eventual replacement for their dam. All the boys will be for sale however.

As a result we are not just looking at stallions that fit all the criteria that we outline on our Stallion Selection page, but on top of it we are looking at bloodlines we would like to see incorporated into our herd. You can say we are being extra picky this year!

So far we've narrowed down the field, found one excellent pairing we are excitted about and we are still waiting on some information about other stallions we are considering.
We will be breeding Nordica, Raphiola, Deesse and a new mare we bought and that will join us in the fall (more about her later ;-).

Welty will foal late and we shall leave her open and catch her in the following spring. Elfin will leave us for a year an a half on a breeding lease not to far from home. She will likely be bred to a nice up and coming Friesian stallion. We are pretty excited to see that lovely Georgian Grande foal.

Stay tune, as soon as our selection is done we shall post it on the mares page-for a preview go to our Custom Foal page. If you were interested in a custom foal the window is closing very fast...

January 8th

Happy New Year
We had a wonderful warm holiday vacations right here in southern Alberta this year. The temperatures were mild and the skies blue during our entire time off work. It was wonderfull to spend time outside with the animals and be quite confortable in a light windbreaker. The footing got awefully slippery however but eventually the lack of snowfall meant that we got down to dirt in some part of the paddocks and in the fields and I was able to go for a few rides!

Elfin fresh from her stint at the trainer went well for me under a new saddle I was trying out. It was the first time I got to ride her and I found her to be quite willing, supple and quite bomb proof! Unfortunately she seemed to have stepped on herself at some point and is now out of commission for a little while until it heals.

Welty was next. She hadn't been ridden in over 9 months and she was just super! Supple, attentive, ready to work she was just a peach! Although only 6 months along she walks with a waddle.Love that girl.

Deesse regular rider came home for the hollidays so those two were reunited and as usual spent some quality time together.

Today we said goodbye to Rex, he left for his new home about 4 hours away. He was a real trooper and although a bit concerned in the trailer at first he traveled well and arrived in good shape. We wish him and his owner the best and look forward to hearing from them as to their progress. That boy has so much potential it just shines in his eyes. Yes I'm a bit biased.