15.2 h, Black Tobiano (EEaaTOto)

Pavane was our other black tobiano saddlebred mare. She stands a solid 15.2 and is homozygous for black. She is registered as Whispering Wind Honey Bee and was bred here in Alberta.
She is our most active and sensitive mare. She is quick on her feet and refined. She has the wonderful saddlebred disposition: always eager to please and to learn things, ready to go all the time and yet gentle and focused. She is the type of horse that you can work, leave for weeks and when you get back on she is exactly where you left her. Despite her energy and her keenness, she is a lovely and easy horse to ride and enjoy. She loves to jump and when free jumping she will usually keep going unless she is told to stop. She hikes her knees right under her chin and absolutely hates to touch anything. If we had the right rider we think she would be one heck of a jumper.


2009 & 2010

Pavane is leased and is furthering her training with some extensive rides into the mountains and on camping trip. She is taking things in stride and is turning head whereever she goes.

UPDATE (2010): After many months under the wonderfull care of her lessor it was obvious that Pavane (renamed Savanah) had found her lifelong friend. So I made the descision to present this wonderfull lady with Pavane's papers. Both were thrilled to know that they would not need to be appart and I was very glad to have made them both very happy. Happy trails Pat! Keep her happy for me!!



Pavane was leased and spent the year in training



Pavane had a colt by Donadio in June. This breeding was a repeated. Donadio's owners are just wonderful to deal with and we were requested to repeat the cross. We did not object since we were so impressed with Principe.

Priority was born in the early hours of June 11th. The first of our foals to be caught entering this world thanks to our new surveillance camera. This little colt was a sweetheart right from the start. His excellent temperament is what got him trough some hairy health issues. He is now growing up very well and is due for a photo shoot. He is greying quicker then his full brother. He got his mom's good looking head and ears and we are looking forward to seeing him progress in his training.


Pavane had a colt by Donadio in May. We always like the cross of the Saddlebred and the Andalusian, both breed being built uphill, the Andalusian bringing some heft and power and the Saddlebred the refinement and the sensitivity. Donadio had already been bred to many saddlebred mares and the results were stunning and well tempered.

Principe was born in the early hours of May 10th. He was pitch black and very sure of himself and assertive right from the start. He grew into a very sassy, fun, playful young foal and a fast learner. He got the best of both his mom (his great look) and his dad (good solid muscling): one good looking package!


Pavane had a colt at the end of April. We bought Pavane already bred to a nice quiet 16.2hh Appendix stallion.

Primo was born late in the night of April 23rd. He was increadibly fast to get up and suckle. Everything was quick with him. He was smart about almost everything and has grown up into a very nice young gelding that got started under saddle the summer of his third year. He is progressing very well and has gone to his first show. You can follow his progress on his training blog: Primo's Blog