Shotsey's page


Strike Megabuck X Supreme SheMaidu
15.1 h, black tobiano (EeaaTOTO)

Shotsey is our homozygous tobiano saddlebred mare. She is also our alpha mare in the herd. Very sweet and calm she is probably the most bombproof horse on the property. She is also the most demanding when it comes to attention. She was injured as a very young foal when neighbouring horses broke trough the fence and crowded her mother and her. She ended up getting kicked in the knee. Despite stall rest she still favoured her uninjured leg more and that leg grew crooked with the extra load. As a result the leg that was kicked is straight and the one that was sound is bent. For many years she showed no discomfort what so ever and displayed her lovely floating motion at the drop of a hat, but the years and the arthritis have caught up with her and she is now stiff and prefers to canter then to trot so as not to have to bend her knees too much.




Shotsey has now been retired from the broodmare band, the injury to her leg has finally caught up to her and we find it unlikely that she could carry the extra weight of another pregnancy without added pain and reduced mobility.


Shotsey delivered a filly by the arabian stallion Perdition
This little filly is a typical Shotsey's baby, extremely friendly, demanding attention, very aware of everything around her she is as cute as a button. She has finally calmed down a bit, for the first two months of her life she spent most of it running circles around her mother.

Savoir Faire (Savvy for short) is a custom foal

Here is a video of Savoir Faire at approximately 1.5 months of age.


Shotsey was rebred to Gatsby and delivered a black tobiano filly on May 2nd.

We continue to be very impressed with the quality of Gatsby's foals. He consistently produces upright, leggy, correct foals that grow into wonderful versatile athletes with excellent minds.

Sigma is everything we expected from this cross. First we knew that with Gatsby as a sire and Shotsey as the dam this foal would have a quiet, laid back, easy going temperament: Check!
We figured that this would be a tall filly, short coupled with nice springy gaits: Check!
We also knew it would be tobiano and either black or dark bay: Check!

This filly would suit anyone thinking about getting their next horse as a foal to start from scratch. Truly this one will probably train itself! She is likely going to mature in the 16 to 16.1 hh range and look absolutely stunning once she sheds out to her black coat.

Click here for a video on Youtube taken at 3 months old.

Glorisigma- SOLD


Shotsey was expecting a foal by Gatsby in late April. However we lost this foal very early due to a generalized, unexplained septicemia. It was a very nice dark bay tobiano colt. RIP little one.


Shotsey had a filly by Carmiro in January. Carmiro was at the time our future herd sire and being a large, extremely correct, big boned, good tempered young warmblood stallion he was the obvious choice for Shotsey's first foal for us.
Sofia Fria-SOLD

Sofia Fria was born on the coldest day of the year. The day before the temperature was hovering around freezing with a bright sunshine but Shotsey held off until that Sunday evening when the cold front was moving down from the artic. The temperature plummeted to -35 and the wind was howling when Shotsey started to pace and paw the straw in the shelter.

Sofia made her entrance in the world at 9 pm. We had blankets warmed up in the dryer and we dried her off as soon as she was out. Everything was freezing so quickly it was unreal but Sofia was very vigorous and she was up before her mom. Once both of them were up on their legs and reasonably steady we moved them to a better shelter where we had a infrared lamp and straw about two feet deep. This is where she spent the first week.

After that the temperature warmed up a little bit. Foals born in the winter are very fuzzy with a thick foal coat that works very well. Sofia never seemed to suffer from the cold. She was an active and fun foal to be with. Very friendly and quite bold from her first few minutes she was almost born halter broke. I spent about 5 minutes "teaching" her lead early on but she had it figured out so quick it was never an issue. Being born this early in the year it meant that she was ready to go to her new home in early summer. Her new "mother" just couldn't wait to get her home. And so she left us in July for her new home in the Yukon where her early experience with cold temperatures will surely serve her well.