16.2 h, Chesnut (eeAA)

Vendella is our "big" broodmare. She carries roughly 36% of Gelderlander blood. Very rare blood these days. The Gelderlander was important in the foundation of the modern Dutch Warmblood but has fallen out of favour in more recent years. Proud, strong, very good tempered we think the Gelderlander had a lot of the characteristics we try to breed into our foals and so we are quite proud to have Vendella in our broodmare band.

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Vendella was retired as a broodmare this year. Her biology is just not allowing her to have any more foals, something that saddened us greatly and knowing how much she loved having foals I'm sure she would be sad if she knew. She has now moved to her retirement home, a forever home that will appreciate her as the great riding partner that she is. She still has many years ahead of her and we thank her for her contribution to our breeding program and wish her and her new owner all the best.


Vendella has been leased and is in foal to the imported german TB stallion Lanciano for a 2011 foal. Lanciano's heritage is often found in the refining sires used in Germany (tracing back to Dark Ronald). In the fall of 2010 this 15 yrs old stallion was approved by the Canadian Trakehner Society. Lanciano typically passes on his good temperament,his dark color (although he can throw some chesnuts) as well as nice, correct,long legs. Breeding Vendella to a TB to get the refinement, the ellegance and stamina of the TB while preserving the frame and uphill built of the warmblood. This is why sport horses and warmblood breeders in Europe put the "blood on top".

Vendella delivered a nice colt but alas it was not to be, the foal passed away a few days later despite the best care and attention from the attending veterinarian. RIP little one, it would have been nice to have known you.


This year Vendella gave us a foal by Dacaprio in late April. We think that Dacaprio and Vendella complemented each other very well in this cross. Very modern Dacaprio is known to pass good typey physique and this colt certainly has his "stamp". Vendella has a very powerful hind end and a strong back. Looking at this colt we think that those qualities blended rather well in him.

This fine colt was sold in the fall of 2009. His new owner is looking forward to seeing him mature and her goal is do bring him along in dressage but will see what discipline suits him best as he develops.



Vennie had a friendly strong and good looking bay colt by Radikal (Rotspon/Weltmeyer). We thought those bloodlines were hard to pass up : a combination of Rotspon and Weltmeyer!! We know that the Rotspon and generally the R lines produce very rideable horses. Vendella generally needing more elasticity to combine with her strong trot, we thought it would be a good match.
Video of Red Vandal

Red Vandal-SOLD

Red Vandal was bought as a dressage prospect by his current owner. He is still growing (and growing!!) and just being a young horse but we are certainly looking forward to seeing him started under saddle in the next few years.

Vandal got his name for his ability as a young foal to go through fences leaving his dotting mother no choice but to follow (usually taking down the fence with her). Thankfully we have vinyl coated tensile fences (that are reasonably easy to put back together).

Vandal was inspected by the RPSI as a weanling and given the distinction of scoring Gold premium (only 5% of all inspected foals get this high a mark).
In July 2010 he attended his first show. He had 90 days under saddle at the time and he scored an impressive 79%.

Prior to 2007

Vendella was bred by John van Dongen of British Columbia and was bought as a dressage prospect at 2. She spent some time in training with her new owner competed lightly and was bred for her first foal in 1999 at the age of 5. We don't have much information on most of her previous foals except for the fact that they were well tempered and that most of them love to jump. In 1999 she was bred to a local saddlebred stallion and the buckskin stallion Maxamillion was born in 2000. (pictured on the right) The combination of power and strenght of Vendella with the more refined and free shoulder of the saddlebred produced a very versatile, well tempered stallion that has impeccable conformation, loves to jump and has excellent movement for dressage. He's competed successfully on the line, in jumping and eventing and is now schooling some more advanced dressage.He stood at Golden Venture Farm in Maryland until his untimely death in the fall of 2010.