EMC Welty

16.2 h, Chesnut (eeAa)

Welty brings to Formosus the best and most proven bloodline of the Hanoverian breed. The cross of Weltmeyer with Bolero and Grande has proven time and time again its potency (Wolkenglanz, Waikiki, Wolkenstein II, Wonderful to name a few). She is a true daughter of her famous father: gifted, sensitive with fabulous gaits.
She stands 16.2 and is very femine and modern in type despite what her pedigree might indicate.She was born in Germany and at the age of three, she was inspected and given scores on her conformation and movement. Those scores were quite good and she was put in basic training. At the age of four she did her Mare Performance Test where her aptitude under saddle were evaluated. She scored quite well; 8,8,7,8,8 for her gaits and her rideability and in doing so earned the title of Elite Mare Candidate or EMC.

Video of Welty

Temperament: Welty is a very friendly, polite and attentive mare. Under saddle she has a lot of impulsion and drive and yet it is under complete control because she is so obedient. She likes to work, she likes to participate mentally and physically and she always tries to give your her best. She is so light in front with excellent self carriage. She is quite sensitive and very much in front of the leg and a lot of fun to ride!!."


World Cup
Black Sky



Welty delivered an exquisite chesnut filly by the Oldenburg Stallion RedWine (Rotspon X Matcho) at the end of June. The Rotspon/Weltmeyer cross has been established for many years as an excellent combination for dressage talents. RedWine is campained in the US as a hunter sire but his breeding is all dressage.
Inka (Red Ink) is pretty much what we were asking for. Super friendly temperament and so laid back but plenty of curiosity and spunk. Excellent topline and beautiful head and neck, strong croup, canter and trot with great engagement from behind and lots of freedom in the shoulder. She is growing very well, we are quite happy with her. She will be staying with us.


Welty is open this year and being ridden regularly. She is a pleasure to ride: full of impulsion and yet very obedient she likes to work and despite being a career broodmare she has lost none of her suppleness. It is certainly a treat to enjoy her under saddle this year. She will be bred in the spring.


Welty delivered a beautiful chesnut filly by Rubignon on May 2nd.

This 16.2hh, black, Oldenburg stallion by the famous Rubinstein was listed for the Swedish Dressage Team in 2008 and 2009, in addition to 17 Grand Prix wins and placings. A judge for the Oldenburg inspection committee recently commented that Rubignon moves even better than Rubinstein himself. On the dam side, Rubignon offers a proven lineage with his maternal grandsire, Donnerhall and his maternal dam sire, Pik Solo. Rubignon offers a well rounded dressage pedigree, with proven performance generation after generation. Rubinstein crossed with Weltmeyer; we are hardly re-inventing the wheel, this is a proven cross for spectacular dressage talents.

This is the first full Hanoverian to grace our fields. Short coupled, powerfully built with the most amazing topline: once more the apple did not fall from the tree. Rubignon improved on Welty's canter and neck set and most definitely stamped this filly with his looks and, we hope, his talent for advance dressage. For those who have seen candid pictures of her sire; she can't denny who Daddy is!!
Click here for a video on Youtube taken at 3 1/2 months

Rhea-Sold In Utero


In 2009 Welty delivered a colt by Dacaprio for her previous owner.

Prior to 2009

Welty was born and bred in Germany where at 3 yrs of age she was inspected and performed her Mare Performance Test where her scores earned her the title of Elite Candidate mare. She was then bought and imported by Marefield Meadows of Virginia. With the birth of her first foal she completed the requirement for her Elite Mare status. She was then acquired by Paradox Ranch of Colorado as a broodmare. Over the last few years she produced quality foals: Aramis by Arrian, Farley's Paradox and Fieryie. Both are by Fabuleux.