Welcome to the Horse Breeding Blog of Formosus Sporthorses

We have been breeding horses for almost 19 years. Over those years we have learned a lot and feel like sharing.

We devoured articles on all aspects of horse breeding, pestered our veterinarian with endless questions, learned how to deliver foals, ultrasound mares, collect stallions, and inseminate mares. We have raised over 40 foals and made them into solid equines citizens.

Mixed in there will be reflections and opinions. All this will be very Warmblood centric since that is what we have been breeding but a lot of it is universal and we hope that you find valuable information in there.


I hope you find something that piques your curiosity!

Breeding and Birthing

Everything related to getting mares in foal, and delivering foals. Hormones, methods, common questions, from conception to birth.

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From birth to weaning, common issues, development, assessment, common questions and basic handling all foals should have.

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Warmblood corner

All the quirks and particularities of the European method of breeding sport horses. From stallion and mare evaluations, testing, the various registries, the legendary stallions and mares, and some opinions too.

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News from Formosus

News from the farm, the latest from our little farm, expected foals, current foals, news information etc..

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