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Foals are best suited to somewhat experienced and capable equestrians that have access to suitable turn out (larger fields or pasture with suitable companions) and that are looking to invest some time into a partnership with their next riding partner.

The majority of our foals will be offered for around $10 for Warmblood crosses up to 15K US for full warmbloods (Canadian can contact us for exact prices) and the in-utero options for a bit less. We work very hard every year to keep our prices low. For example, we do almost all of our repro work ourselves, we select fertile stallions that are proven, we work with local farmers to find quality hay at a reasonable price, and we are judicious in our use of supplements and extras. We started on this journey convinced that quality warmbloods should not be out of reach of the average amateur; especially not those willing to put their own sweat equity into raising them.

Included in our price: registration, vaccination, trims, deworming and a nice halter with a name plate.

If your heart is set on a particular height, ability, and exact and narrow character or temperament parameters, then you are better to save your pennies and buy an adult horse.

Absolutely! We can’t stress enough that it is perfectly fine for anyone to do as much or as little showing as they are comfortable with. We do not give discounts to show homes as we don’t necessarily think it is the best life for horses to be focused exclusively on competition.

We do hope to get some updates on how the horse is doing and we always appreciate footage or good quality pictures to share with others. If you plan on showing and competing, that is wonderful and if you don’t, that is perfectly fine too!

Buying a foal is, naturally, a different situation than buying a grown horse. We have adapted our sale contract to reflect the fact that the foal has to stay with us at least until weaning. We therefore accept payment until the foal is ready to leave, giving most buyers between 4 and 6 months to pay. Some extensions on this can be discussed on a case per case basis.

Our foals are paid for incrementally as they reach various milestones. The deposit is due at the signing of our contract and is non-refundable. Another payment is required when the foal reaches one month of age and then the balance is due at weaning, which is generally at around 6 months of age. For more details you can request to see our sales contract.

All our foals are handled, hugged, scratched, groomed, and loved from day one. They learn to wear a halter in the first week of their lives and they learn to trust us over the next few months as they pick up the basics of good horse behavior. They come in from the fields every evening for some handling or simply for some attention.

We pick up their feet regularly, trim them as needed, and if not, we still make them feel the rasp so their first trim is not such a ticklish experience! We make them walk up onto boxes, over tarps, and through man doors. They learn to walk away from their mother and their peers and although never tied hard they are expected to stand still when we groom them, they also learn how to move away from pressure. We load them onto trailers, first with their mothers and eventually on their own.

When you get a foal from us you can be assured that it has been handled with patience, consideration, and firmness. It is well on its way to being a solid equine citizen and the rest is up to you!

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Depending on the year and our situation, we offer boarding post-weaning for a maximum of 3 months for colts and 6 months for fillies. This gives most people plenty of opportunity to find a suitable place for their youngsters closer to home. We can recommend some places in Alberta if your require boarding for a longer term.

For a short, local haul, we would be glad to help get your foal home for the price of our gas. Anything further out, a commercial hauler will be better. They offer box stall shipping; essential for a foal. They generally have experienced handlers and safe facilities.

We have shipped young horses to Ontario, the Yukon, and as far as Southern Texas, with no issues. A budget between $2,000 – $2,500 for hauling should cover a good portion of the destination across North America.

We do not. Depending on what you are aiming to achieve, (do you just want a few rides under saddle or are you looking for longer term training?) we know some trainers in Alberta that we would recommend and we are are happy to pass on their contact information if you are interested.

Once the mare is safely in foal and all is well, (usually around the sixth month of gestation) we offer the unborn foal for sale at a slight discount. All monies are refunded should the mare not deliver a live foal, so there is very little risk to buying early and it gives us the assurance that the foal has a home lined up early.

Custom foals are when you contact us about obtaining the offspring of a particular mare. We can discuss with you some stallion options and while we retain the ultimate say on who the mares can be bred to, we are pretty open minded. The stallion does need to be able to ship quality semen (fresh or frozen) to Canada-that is sadly not always the case. The cost of the semen and of the breeding are your responsibility, and then for a flat fee (that depends on the mare) we will breed a custom foal for you.

If this is something you would like pursue further, please contact us, and we would be happy to send you a contract to look over and to discuss options available.

We have sold quite a few custom foals over the years, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Over the years, we have bred and raised just over 40 foals.