Our 2021 foal crop ...

One lovely colt this year (since Zigami sadly lost her colt by Rotspon):



Zigami delivered a stunning golden beauty. Although by a pony stallion of top quality, this foal is all horse in proportion and movement. In fact, he looks a lot like his dam for now. Long lined, elegant, correct, and with a calm temperament, this looks like a super cross. He looks to have taken from the warmblood side of the family in terms of height, although time will tell. We expect him to mature in the 16 hh range at this point. He is showing some very nice gaits, a calm and observant temperament, and a very high curiosity drive. All good things!

Marcello – Born July 7th

Palomino colt (Milky Way x Zigami)

To be Registered Westfalen




This very sweet colt is such a charmer, he adores attention, cuddles, and scratches and will follow you just about anywhere. He is trusting and easy to manipulate. While he looks a lot like his mother he moves more like his dad with swing and suspension and likes all gaits equally. A very well-balanced young colt both inside and out. We expect him to mature in the 16-16.1 hh.

Revelation– Born June 13th

Black Colt (Secret x Kreation)

To be Registered KWPN – NA

SOLD (In-utero)

Expected in 2022

Dauphin x Zigami (Zack/Florestan)- expected in July

 Offered in-utero: Under contract.


Zigami is bred to the Hanoverian stallion Dauphin, a direct son of Donnerhall. For years Dauphin, who stood at Celle for the first part of his career, has produced amateur-friendly, sane and talented foals. They have excellent, strong top lines, correct foundation, and are generally very smart. This foal will combine the new modern line of Zack and Florestan with the proven rideability of the Donnerhall line. Since Dauphin generally doesn’t add height we expect this future foal to be of average height: 16.1 to 16.3hh.

Morricone x Kreation (Rubinero/Donnerhall)-expected in May.

$12,000US -Offered in-utero, Canadians please contact us for price.


The fantastically rideable Morricone combined with Kreation should make for a reasonably sized elegant dressage partner suitable for anyone. Morricone makes very charming horses full of talent and so far Kreation has produced two stunning colts. This one should be no different. We expect a black foal that will likely mature in the average to the smaller size of 16-16.1hh

Gaudi x Rascalina (Rascalino/Londonderry)-expected in July

Offered in-utero: Under Contract


Rascalina_MG_7200 (1)

Gaudi by Totilas is proving to be a very popular sire with breeders all over North America. He stamps his foals with good looks, good movement and a definite elegance. We think he is a very good cross on Rascalina who carries the more traditional and slightly older fashion lines of Rotspon and Weltmeyer.  Rascalina has produced big horses in the past and so we expect this foal to reach 16.2 to 16.3 hh at maturity.