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Expected in July 2021 (Rotspon x Zigami) – could be black, bay, or chestnut. To be Registered Westfalen


Zigami is bred to the Hanoverian stallion of the year for 2017  –  the renowned Rotspon, famous for his beautiful, well-tempered offspring.

Expected in July 2021 (Secret x Kreation) – will be black. To be Registered KWPN – NA


The exciting young stallion, Secret, is turning heads all over Europe and his outstanding scores, both in movements and temperament, convinced us he was worth breeding-to despite his young age.

Our 2020 foal crop ...




Zigami delivered a stunning golden beauty. Although by a pony stallion of top quality, this foal is all horse in proportion and movement. In fact, he looks a lot like his dam for now. Long lined, elegant, correct, and with a calm temperament, this looks like a super cross. He looks to have taken from the warmblood side of the family in terms of height, although time will tell. We expect him to mature in the 16 hh range at this point. He is showing some very nice gaits, a calm and observant temperament, and a very high curiosity drive. All good things!

Marcello – Born July 7th

Palomino colt (Milky Way x Zigami)

To be Registered Westfalen





This striking black colt is full of energy, presence, and curiosity. He already has three correct and well-established gaits, though they may not be extravagant.  Right now, is his favorite gear is the full out gallop with the rollback as his favorite maneuver, and we like that sits on his haunches to turn. He is responding well to basic handling. He is very correct, with a nice sloping croup and a good shoulder. He is short-coupled and well balanced overall. We expect him to mature in the 16-16.1 hh.

Pavarotti – Born June 26th

Black Colt (Fabregas x Kreation)

To be Registered KWPN – NA