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15.2 h, Cremello (eeaaCrCr)
for sale

Elfin, was the last saddlebred addition to Formosus. She had beautiful effortless movement and showed a great range of motion in all her joints, a quality she appeareds to pass on to her foals. She possessed nice correct functional conformation for all around use, ellegance and presence, the whole thing wrapped in a very striking color. Prior to coming up north from Ohio in 2009 Elfin had carried 2 saddlebred foals. She delivered a third one for us in 2010 as well as a beautiful Dutch Warmblood cross.

Temperament: Elfin had a healthy dose of self confidence and a definite sense of entitlement! What else should one expect from an alpha mare that was pretty much left alone for most of her life prior to coming to our farm. Like most saddlebreds she had a lot of energy and stamina, she was sensitive and quick. Her intense curiosity and clear affection for people was sometime put in hilarious contrast with her haughty attitude. She remains fun and fearless under saddle. Loves to be out and about and is very confortable to ride.


Broadway's Hot Shot Prince of Broadway Merchant Prince
Broadway Premiere
Sea's Golden Supreme Rex's Society Sea
McClure Commanding Sister
Desdemona's Golden Love Spring View Farr Farr Country
Wings Loving Cup
Desdemona's Precious Gold Country Kildare
Knowlland Lass




We decided to focus on our older warmblood mares for the next few years and so Elfin was sold.


After having 4 foals in a row Elfin was left open this year.


In mid June, Elfin delivered a palomino colt by the proven dressage and jumping sire: Consul. Consul is one of the most proven stallion standing at stud in North America today with well over 10 foal crops. Consul's gets excel at all levels of dressage, eventing and jumping and he has produced many champion hunters. Consul has proven himself to be a very pre-potent sire, like his father, producing talented jumpers and dressage horses. The overwhelming majority of his foals have excellent temperament and a strong desire to please. In his long career at stud in the US he has been bred to a wide variety of mare: from hot TB to more heavy and quiet Dutch Warmblood mare and his qualities consistently shine through.

Ender is an excellent exemple of a nice mix of warmblood and saddlebred. He got a more powerfull croup, heavier bone, more muscles overall and some more height from his warmblood side while keeping the excellent range of motion in the shoulder as his saddlebred ancestor. He is light on his feet and very agile, stepping very well under himself at all gaits.
Inspected by RPSI at 3 months, Ender was rated Silver Premium.

Ender (reg. with RPSI as Consul's End Game) is a Custom Foal
Here is a video of Ender at approximately 2 months of age.


This year Elfin was bred to Vanilla Hot Shot and delivered a cremello colt on May 8th.

This is a repeat breeding for her, the previous two foals by this stallion were striking and had beautifull conformation and movement.

Echo looks exactly as we expected he would: all Saddlebred! Long lines, ellegant and refined with a very pretty head. This boy is snappy, expressive and adores attention. When he moves he "fires on all cylinders" so to speak and he just floats accross the ground.

Click here for a video on Youtube taken at 3 1/2 months old.

ECHO (reg. as Ivory Echo)-Sold

2009 and earlier

Elfin produced two colts by Vanilla Hot Shot for her previous owner.
Pictures courtesy of KJRanch