17.3 h, Liver Chesnut (eeAA)

Here is a daughter of the world famous Briar! She brings to Formosus some extremely proven dressage and jumper bloodlines from the Swedish warmbloods. Her sire, of course, needs no introduction but her mare line is also very strong particularly with Gaspari (who also appears in Briar's mother line). We are thrilled to have her join our broodmare band and she provides us with a perfect outcross to most of the favorite bloodlines available today. Nordica had a violent encounter with a steel gate as a three year old that injured her back and left her unsound for riding, however her full sister Brianca and her half-brother Aramis (same dam) are perfoming in dressage. Her offsprings are currently getting started under saddle and doing very well.

Video of Nordica

Temperament: Nordica is a big puppy dog. She is extremely sociable.She has high energy and likes to be active. She is usually the first to notice new things out in the pasture and also the first to investigate them. Despite her size she is extremely easy to handle and light on her feet, patient and always seeking to please. It is unfortunate that her accident prevented a career under saddle but we hope one day to start her under harness as she is easy to train and quite trusting.

Swedish Warmblood
Swedish Warmblood
Swedish Warmblood
Swedish Warmblood
Swedish Warmblood
Swedish Warmblood
Swedish Warmblood
Swedish Warmblood
Swedish Warmblood
Swedish Warmblood
Swedish Warmblood
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Swedish Warmblood
Swedish Warmblood
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Nordica is in foal to the stallion Sir Gregory (by Sir Donnerhall) for a 2014 foal. While this is for a custom foal we were quite enthusiastic at the idea of pairing this up and coming stallion to her. He brings excellent credentials and a strong mother line as well as more refinement from his sire line. He is demonstrating strong work ethic with his steady climb up the levels and his foal out of a variety of mares seem to get his stamp. Nordica also very strongly stamp her babies so we are quite interested in seeing how the two combine. No matter what, it should be a tall, leggy chestnut foal with some strong ability for the dressage ring: exactly what its future owner is hoping for!
This foal is a CUSTOM FOAL and is therefore SOLD in-utero.


This year we have chosen the stallion Dauphin for Nordica.
This smaller son of Donnerhall is producing exceptional foals on both side of the Atlantic. His foals have excellent temperament, superior rideability and beautiful gaits.
Here is a video of Dauphin

BORN MAY 18th- Beautiful, healthy, straight and ellegant filly! This is a foal with a powerhouse pedigree full of proven names: Donnerhall, Briar, Garrant and from a mother line that has produced numerous dressage horses. She was born in daylight, was up in no time and figured everything very quickly. Powerful croup, superb topline and neck,and the most lovely of temperament, we are very pleased with this filly and are proud to offer it for sale.
Will be registered KWPN-NA
Videos: 9 days,1 month,3 month.


On April 23rd Nordica delivered a chesnut filly by the proven dressage and jumping sire: Consul. He is one of the most proven stallion standing at stud in North America today with well over 10 foal crops. Consul's gets excel at all levels of dressage, eventing and jumping and he has produced many champion hunters.

The overwhelming majority of his foals have excellent temperament and a strong desire to please and they usually like to jump! In his long career at stud in the US he has been bred to a wide variety of mare: from hot TB to more heavy and quiet Dutch Warmblood mares and his qualities consistently shine through.

Gabrina is a Custom Foal.
Gabrina was registered with KWNP-NA.
Gabrina is growing into a powerfull filly. She looks more and more like her dam with everyday. She is tall, substantial and just a huge love bug. Not much phases her. Loud noise or unexpected appearance are reason to investigate: not run away!! She is currently shedding her baby coat and looks quite moth eaten! Her little mane is growing in also and is currently sticking straight up in the air. It makes her impressive neck look even bigger then it really is!
Last two pics taken at 1.5 yrs old and 16hh.
Here is a video of Gabrina at approximately 3 weeks of age.

Here is a video of Gabrina at approximately 3 months of age.


In 2009 Nordica delivered a colt (Pic 1,Pic 2) by Champion's Devito (German Riding Pony-Picture at right.)
for her previous owner. This colt has awsome movement and although he was sold as a jumper prospect, the new owners are pondering a dressage career. Plenty of time to choose as you can see from the second picture taken at 1.5 yrs, this boy has plenty of growing and filling out to do. He is currently 16hh.

Prior to 2009

Prior to 2009 Nordica delivered two foals (Massimo and Mako) by Makuba (German Riding Pony-Picture at right.) for her previous owner.