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Foal crop of 2018:

KYANTI Palomino colt born June 21st (Parcival x Kyana)
Will be registered with Weltfalen/RPSI



Stunning colt with a great mind and beautiful canter. Powerful hindquarters on this little guy! Very poised with lots of aplomps he takes lifes in strides and has a lovely combination of boldness and respect.

Also for sale:

KREATION- Homozygous black mare, born May 2015 (Rubinero x Donation) Registered with KWPN.
Currrently on hold.
Raised here on 24/7 turnout this stunning girl is now ready for some light work. Very forgiving, soft and kind she loves attention and tries very hard to please. She currently wears a saddle, lunges and wears a briddle with no issue. Training is progressing as expected. Sensitive and needing a bit of reasurance once she understand the program she doesn't look back.Last picture is of her after only 4 rides. Taking to riding really well. Tries hard to understand and totally loves the attention.

MENUET- Chesnut Filly born June 2017 (Redwine x Donation) Registered with KWPN.
For Sale. $12,000 Canadian



The proven R line via the stunning Redwine by Rotspon, and the D line from Donation this little girl will be a fun one to train for dressage or for hunter. She is a quiet, observant filly, very light on her feet and with good gaits. Should mature in the 16.2hh range. She is very social and just delicate and precious as a doll.
Video of Menuet at 1 month old.

All our foals are handled, hugged, scratched, groomed and loved from day one. They learn to wear a halter in the first week of their lives and they learn to trust us over the next few months as they pick up the basics of good horse behavior. They come in from the fields every evenings for some handling or simply for some attention.
We pick up their feet regularly, trim them as needed and if not we still make them feel the rasp so their first trim is not such a ticklish experience! We make them walk up onto boxes, over tarps and through man doors. They learn to walk away from their mother and their peers and although never tied hard they are expected to stand still when we groom them, they also learn how to move away from pressure. We load them onto trailers, first with their mothers and eventually on their own.
When you get a foal from us you can be assured that it has been handled with calm, consideration and firmness. It is well on its way to being a solid equine citizen, the rest, is up to you!

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