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Foal crop of 2017:

Manege-Bay Filly born May 28th!! (Fabregas x Donation) Will be registered  KWPN.
For sale $8000 US, $10,000 Canadian



Lovely feminine filly born from some of the best line in dressage today. We can already see she has a lovely calm outlook on life. Much poise and friendly-ness. Physically she is still unfolding but she has a beautiful strong topline with the good loin connection of her dam. We will update as she grows up but she is quite lovely already.

Also expected in 2017:

Expected Summer 2017 (Delta Force x Deesse) Will be registered Canadian Warmblood.
Offered in Utero-contact us for price.


The new and exciting Diorado stallion from Dreamscape farm combined to our most proven broodmare.

All our foals are handled, hugged, scratched, groomed and loved from day one. They learn to wear a halter in the first week of their lives and they learn to trust us over the next few months as they pick up the basics of good horse behavior. They come in from the fields every evenings for some handling or simply for some attention.
We pick up their feet regularly, trim them as needed and if not we still make them feel the rasp so their first trim is not such a ticklish experience! We make them walk up onto boxes, over tarps and through man doors. They learn to walk away from their mother and their peers and although never tied hard they are expected to stand still when we groom them, they also learn how to move away from pressure. We load them onto trailers, first with their mothers and eventually on their own.
When you get a foal from us you can be assured that it has been handled with calm, consideration and firmness. It is well on its way to being a solid equine citizen, the rest, is up to you!

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