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MENUET-2017 Chesnut mare (Redwine/Donation)

Menuet is a beautifully balanced and harmonious filly with a golden temperament. She is sweet, tolerant, patient and brave. She has three lovely gaits and will be at home both in the hunter ring like so many of her paternal siblings or on the dressage square like her maternal ones. She is at the moment unstarted but very well handled. She's grown up in a herd, outside 24/7 over large pastures like all our babies. We expect her to mature in the 16.1hh-16.2 range.
SOLD! Congratulation to R. Bartow.

Kyanti 2018 Palomino Westfalen Colt (Parcival/Kyana)
Stunning colt with a great mind and beautiful canter. Powerful hindquarters on this little guy! Very poised with lots of aplomps he takes lifes in strides and has a lovely combination of boldness and respect. Congrats to Trish on the purchace of this stunning boy.

Manege 2017 Bay KWPN Filly (Fabregas/Donation)
Stunning, feminine, beautiful in and out; Manege is a stand out. Also proof that we don't always keep the best for us. This filly was sold to a lovely home that has high expectations for her. Congratulation!

Diablo 2017 Canadian Warmblood Colt (Delta Force/Déesse)
Déesse last colt is not only stunning in color but in build and looks. Very strong boy, very bold and self assure with a quiet dignity like so many of Deesse's babies. He has jumper written all over him from his stong hindquarters to his gait of choice which is the canter-extended, collected, fast and slow... Sold to Sarah as a hunter/jumper prospect.

HADRIA 2012 Black Bay KWPN-NA registered filly (Charmant/Crystal)
Hadria is from the breeding program of Shady Rill Farm in Ontario. She was bought as a potential broodmare, riding horse as well as a companion to our lonely 2012 filly. Hadria quickly became a cherished member of our little herd. Extremely friendly and easy to handle she grew up into a beautiful young mare. Easy to start, diligent under saddle and always so kind she took the winter off to carry her filly to term. She did not quite have the temperament to be a career broodmare however being far more interested in people then in other horses. We are happy she has now found her own family where she will be loved and developed into the stunning riding horse we know she will become. Congrats on J. Wearmouth on the acquisition of Hadria

Linara 2016 Dark Bay  KWPN-NA registered filly (Rotspon/Hadria)
What a lovely filly Hadria produced for her first foal. By the celle flagship stallion Rotspon of the famed R line this filly knows how to move! She shows plenty of range of motion in all her joints, has some great suspension and loves to move. We expect her to mature over 16hh with plenty of bone and excellent feet. This one should be sound for ages!  Very well balanced from day one with good walk trot and canter early on,  she also showed us the temperament we expected from such a combination: level headed, showy and very people oriented. We are proud to have brought this future riding partner into the world. Congrats to Pauline for the purchase of Linara.

KLM 2015 Black KWPN-NA registered colt (Rubinero/Donation)
KLM was a custom foal, a custom order! The request was for a sweet minded, quiet, elegant horse with ability for dressage in a slightly smaller package. KLM came into this world knowing exactly what was expected of him and he seems to be exactly what was requested. He is the most laid back, personable foal we've had in a long time. Nothing seem to phase him and he loves attention. He is also refined and elegant and so far smaller then his siblings. Congratulation Amy on ordering this beauty and in getting exactly what you were looking for. As for the rest with the combination of the R line and the D line: dressage is in his blood!

San Diego 2015 Black Oldenburg colt (Soprano/Donation)
San Diego was born by embryo transfer. A solid, very correct colt with a friendly bold temperament. Always easy to handle, exuberant and playful this one has power to spare.He was awarded the distinction of Premium at the Oldenburg Verband inspection in August. Congratulation to Shelly for the purchase of this lovely boy. We wish you much success with him in eventing or where ever the fancy takes you. We are confident this boy will be up to the task.

Divakar 2014 Grey Canadian Warmblood colt (Freestyle/Deesse)
This strong tall colt is another superb foal delivered by our wonderful Ferro daughter: Deesse. This boy will likely be as tall and as strong and as suited for dressage as his older brothers. Congrats to Sandra on the purchase of Divakar, we know you had waited for a while for a "Deesse's baby!"

San Raphael 2014 Bay Oldenburg colt (SandroHit/Raphiola)
Wow! What a colt! San Raphael was a looking right from the start. Cheeky, confident, smart and an excellent mover he was awarded the title of premium foal at his Oldenburg Verband inspection where he got good comment on his conformation and his excellent walk!. Clearly stamped by his world renown sire he looked amazing from day one. He was purchase in-utero by his happy owner Lisa who is looking forward to pursuing a career in dressage with him in a few years.I think this boy will have no problem doing what ever discipline she might choose. A more then proven dressage sire and a powerhouse of a jumper pedigree dam.

Welty 1996 Chestnut Hanoverian Mare (Weltmeyer/Bolero/Grande)
Welty was a dream to own. A wonderful mother and a great riding partner. She gave us two fillies: Rhea (Rubignon) and RedInk(Redwine). After pulling double duty as a pleasure riding horse and as a broodmare she went back in training and got confirmed at 2nd level before finding a new home.

Welty under saddle Welty at liberty

Redline-(Hotline xRaphiola)
2013 CWB Bay Colt
Congratulation to her new owners-this colt was a custom foal.
This colt came into the world on the solstice after some torrential rain. From the start he was sharp, alert, playful and full of himself. Quality we are sure will make him a dynamite partner in dressage for his new owner. Hotlines babies are known to be excellent student under saddle and this sharp boy certainly knew where his legs were from the start. Containing or channelling his energy might be his biggest challenge but he has all the talent needed to make it far!

Isadora-(Dauphin xNordica)
2013 KWPN-NA Chesnut Filly
Congratulation to her new owners-this filly was sold shortly after weaning.
Nordica delivered another copy of herself. The adorable Isadora is a picture of calm and serenity. She loves people and attention, is playful, super smart and extremely easy to train. This powerful filly will be equally at home in the dressage arena then over fence. She has an innate sense of rhythm in all gait that will make her a delight to ride and train. We were very happy with the quality of the filly and how well the Donnerhall lines crossed with Nordica. We are happy to report that Isadora and her owner were Alberta Training level Dressage champion in 2018. Congrats to the whole team!

Divine-(Wolkentanz II xDeesse)
2013 CWB Chesnut Filly
Congratulation to her new owners-this filly was a custom foal.
This filly was long awaited. For one thing, Deesse had only given us colts (Deimos and Determinato) and her owner had wanted a foal by Deesse for the longest time. It was finally her time and Deesse outdid herself with this lovely, tall, elegant, stunning mover. Divine has all the presence, the loft and the power to make a great dressage partner.

Gabrina-(Consul xNordica)
2011 KWPN-NA Chesnut Filly
Congratulation to her new owners-this filly was a custom foal.
Big admirer of Consul, John W had been looking for just the right foal by him. He liked the size and model of Nordica, liked her pedigree and everything else about her. Since he likes substantial and tall horses we hope he will be happy with Gabrina. This big solid filly will probably be a powerhouse both in dressage and over jumps. She has a sweet laid back temperament but she knows how to use herself well, and she can move! We particularly like her canter, her lovely topline, strong hindquarters and her uphill built.
Last picture taken at 1 1/2 yrs old.
Gabrina almost4 months old.
We thank John for his repeat business.

Elfin is a registered Saddlebred mare (Registered as Ivory Lace).After giving us two colts (Ivory Echo-purebred Saddlebred) and Ender (Dutch Warmblood cross) we focused on getting Elfin trained under saddle. Since we decided to focus on our warmblood broodmare we found Elfin a new home.
Elfin under saddle.

Ender-(Consul x Elfin)
2011 RPSI Palomino Colt
Congratulation to his new owners-this colt was a custom foal.
Our client was looking to combine the power of the Warmblood with something lighter, more nimble but wanted to stay away from the TB. Elfin certainly refined this colt and gave him excellent movement. This boy just floats as he moves. He is a nice blending of the two phenotypes: he is more powerfull then his dam without being heavy. He had a lovely trot and an excellent uphill canter. He is quick and alert.
He was inspected as a foal by RPSI that awarded him the mention of Silver Premium and commented favorably on his excellent movement, uphill built and carriage and excellent use of his hindquarters. The future plans for this charming golden boy is to compete in eventing.
Ender roughly 3 months old.

Savoir Faire-(Perdition VF xShotsey)
2011 1/2 Arabian Bay Tobiano Filly
Congratulation to her new owners-this filly was a custom foal.
Jayne E. wanted to bring along a foal to eventually compete in endurance. She liked the combination of the stamina of the Arab and the quickness of the Saddlebred to help cover the miles. Perdition VF had produced some good endurance horses already and was an excellent match for Shotsey who contributed her sweeping effortless trot, excellent feet, powerfull hind end and back. The rest will be up to conditioning and Savvy.We thank Jayne for her repeat business too!
Savvy roughly 3 months old.

Invictus Rex-(Incolor x Raphiola)
2011 CWHBA Chesnut Colt
Congratulation to her new owners-this colt was sold in-utero.
Invictus Rex was conceived in the hope of blending some of the best bloodlines for jumping. His pedigree reads like a who's who's of the most proven sire of jumpers: Indoctro, Argentinus, Rio Grande, Golden Millner. This colt is extremelly well ballanced, very bold without being cheeky and he was born looking impressive. We are increadibly impressed with this boy's movement and just overall look he just has *IT*. The quality of his breeding simply shines through. He is destined for the big jumper ring, of that there is no question!
Rex at two months old.


Rhea-(Rubignon x Welty)
2010 Hanoverian Verband Chesnut Filly
Congratulation to her new owners-this filly was sold in-utero.

Determinato-(Soprano x Déesse)
2010 Canadian Warmblood Grey Colt
Congratulations John!-This colt was sold in-utero.

Sigma (reg. as Glorisigma)-(Gatsby x Shotsey (ASB))
2010 RPSI Black Tobiano Filly
Congratulation Jayne!

Echo ( Ivory Echo)-(Vanilla Hot Shot x Elfin (ASB))
2010 ASB Cremello Colt
Congratulations Brandi for moving fast on this nice colt.

VIVALDI (DaCaprio x Vendella)
2009 Canadian Warmblood Colt Video

SOLD! Congratulations to Sandra Prosko of Stony Plains, Alberta.

DEIMOS (Idocus x Déesse)
2009 Canadian Warmblood Colt Video
SOLD! Congratulations to J.Wiltsie of Texas
Here is what they had to say: Trying to find that special horse is a daunting task, making the decision to buy that horse is nerve-racking, and when all this is done over the internet it seems . . . well . . . it seems unthinkable. Veronique made the entire process easier then I could ever have imagined. She answered all my questions with great clarity and complete honesty. She provided me with any extra video, pictures or reports I felt I needed in making the final decision (no matter how odd or redundant my requests might have been.) I never saw Deimos in person when I purchased him, but felt like I knew that horse inside and out and when he arrived he not only met, but exceeded all my expectations.

And those comments from April 2010 "Deimos is still perfectly proportional, beautiful, jaw-dropping and drool worthy AND ATHLETIC!!! The horses were coming in to eat the other night and John saw him jump across a small creek like/runoff, just a little thing, and he said Deimos cleared it by a good 10 feet! He also has this great action in his movement."

The last three photos bellow were taken in the fall of 2012. Deimos is 3 1/2yrs old and is about 18 hh.

ALLEGRO (State of the Art X Aurora (ASB) )
2009 Colt Video
SOLD! Congratulations to A.Blair of Cochrane, Alberta.

Sofia Fria (Carmiro (CWB) X Shotsey (ASB) )
2008 Filly-This filly was sold in-utero.
This little (not for very long!!) filly went to Haines Junction in the Yukon as a future partner for all around use and fun!
She went to join her 1/2 sister, also by Carmiro, that was born a year ealier.

Aurora Registered as : El Dorado Vanilla Ice
2005 ASB Filly
This great little mare has moved to the coast of BC after giving us a beautifull colt by State of the Art.
We wanted to lease her for a year or two in oder for her to get some training but we found the perfect home for her and so we let her go.

Got this update (April 2010) "First Trail ride today:Aurora just kept on trucking - very interested in what was going on, but very good girl. The water was a bit of a bugged eyed issue at first - but after she realized they didn't eat horse she was happy enough to go through them too. I love her to bits - really a lot of fun no matter what I do with her!"

Carmiro MB
2005 CWB Gelding
Congratulations to A.Wall of Cochrane Alberta.

Priority a.k.a Limerick
2007 Andalusian/ASB cross colt-This colt was a custom foal.
Congratulations to T. Prisnee of Calgary, Alberta.
As you can see in the last picture, Priority has started his education and it's going very smoothly! From what we heard he is quite laid back and relaxed about about the whole thing!

Red Vandal (Radikal X Vendella)
2007 Warmlood RPSI colt
Red Vandal was inspected by RPSI in September 07 and received a score of 8.1 awarding him the Gold Premium title. Highest scoring foal at his inspection.
Congratulation to D.Wist of Lloydminster
Vandal has since changed hand.His new owner tells us: "Vandal is doing very well. He was started under saddle at the beginning of April and training is going very well. He is listening well and taking everything in stride. I am very pleased with him, he is a wonderful horse.
Vandal has since attended his very first show in early July and did quite well; scoring an impressive 79%.
He is a fantastic horse. Every clinic we go to the clinicians want him. My sister in law who is a trainer in Calgary says she gets first dibs on him if I ever sell him. He isn’t going anywhere though. I love his mind and he is so good for me. As a Mom to two boys life gets a bit hectic. Vandal has such a great mind I never have to worry with him."

2006 Andalusian/ASB cross colt
Congratulation to Mariann in Whitehorse for taking this proud and beautiful "prince" home with her.

Chance in a Million a.k.a Soleil
2006 Warmlood/ASB cross filly
Congratulation to Nicole on Vancouver Island for having paired up with this colourfull filly.

Here is the latest update (March 2010): "She is doing really well, such a quick learner, and seems to be enjoying her time because she is happy to come out and work each day! Just a quick video... from day 3. She is still obviously trying very hard to figure out the whole contact, balance and forward thing.. but she is at least trying! And learning quick!" Youtube link

Taking Chances
1996 ASB mare
Congratulation to G. Robertson of Cobble Hill, BC on buying her chilhood dream.

Primo a.k.a Nova
2005 Appendix/ASB cross colt
Congratulation to C. Heinz of Edmonton, Alberta, who bought and brought along Primo so beautifully.
You can follow Nova's progress on his blog

2005 ASB colt
Congratulation to K. Pierzchalski of Okotoks, Alberta, who picked Chamaco as her future show horse.

Sagesse registered as Samantha II
CWB mare
Congratulation to Ryan of Whitehorse, who took Sagesse to the wilds of the Yukon as his trail riding partner and future broodmare.

TWH/ASB mare
Congratulation to K.Smith of Crownsest Pass who took Fee under her wing and took her home.