Our Broodmares

The heart of the farm

Each one was carefully chosen for her specific qualities. They are all unique and yet fundamentally the same. They all share some common qualities: sound temperament, good conformation.

The dam’s temperament is so important; both for what she passes on to her offspring but also for us, the handlers and the caregivers. We don’t want to deal with flighty, nervous, untrusting, mean, or stubborn horses and we don’t want to breed them either.

We are proud of our mares.

Active mares

Rubinero X Donnerhall

Zack X Florestan

Rascalino X Londonderry

Inactive mares

Donnerhall X Romadour II

Ferro X Saluut II

Briar 899 X Gaspari

TB X Saddlebred

Rio Grande X Golden Miller

Weltmeyer X Bolero/Grande

Cremello Saddlebred mare

Highlight (by Argus) X Vulcaan

Tobiano Saddlebred mare

Tobiano Saddlebred mare