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2022 Bay colt


What a cheeky colt, full of energy, smart and inquisitive paired with some beautiful movement in all 3 gaits. 

Very reasonably sized, expected to mature close to 16.1hh.

This colt was such a beautiful cross that we repeated the cross.

Congratulations to A. Babb, Alberta that bought him in-utero.



2023 Black colt

(Finest/Divine (Wolkentanz II))

Divine’s first colt is a stunner. A beautiful blend of Finest lovely type and topline and Divine powerful springy gaits. 

Very quiet and confident but loving all interaction with people this boy will be a pleasure to train and ride in the future.
He found a home that will nurture and bring out the best of his abilities in and out of the dressage arena.

Congratulations to Kristine , BC


2022 Bay filly


This stunning filly, tall and strong had a rough start with losing her dam in the first 24 hours of birth. Thankfully she was raised by a superb nurse mare who took excellent care of her. 

As a result, she is a fast-growing, well-adjusted young mare ready to take on any challenges.  She has the gaits to excel in dressage and the mind to be trained for anything.

Congratulations to Lianne, Alberta, that bought her in-utero



2022 Black filly


Built like an exquisite china doll from the start this stunning filly is one would have certainly loved to keep. Sensitive but loving attention, energetic without being too crazy she is everything we had hoped for in this cross and more. She is destined to dance on the dressage square and maybe do other things too. She is an interesting blend of both parents for sure. 

Congratulations to L.Daly, NH that bought her in utero.


2021 Black colt


The sweetest temperament, the cutest head and the loveliest balanced exterior: this colt is impossible not to love. He is calm, trusting, sensitive in a good way, learns quickly and seeks people’s attention. He will be a lot of fun to train to do just about anything. We expect him to mature around 16 hh.

Congratulation to Lisa, California.


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2022 Bay colt


This colt came into the world full of confidence and presence. Absolutely convinced he was just the hottest thing around. Cheeky and playful he was still very easy to train to the basics and being afraid or worried about very little was always the one to get into trouble. He also found a way out of it on his own or graciously accepted help when unable to do so. He is a very harmonious and free-moving colt with a great mind.

Congratulations to A. Babb, Alberta


2020 Black colt


Active, curious, sensitive but very trusting: all those qualities in a beautiful and correct package perfectly marked in white. Zoom, as he is nicknamed, looks to have all the hallmarks of a wonderful amateur riding partner.  He is not overly tall, but compact with a very strong hind end and a lovely neck. He moves lightly and has a very nice balanced canter. We think he will turn heads in the hunter classes. Time will tell! We expect him to mature in the 16 hh range.

Congratulations to S. Standish, British-Columbia


2020 Palomino colt

(Milky Way/Zigami)

Half German Riding Pony but all horse in looks, this confident and solid golden boy comes with a lot of qualities. He has a well-balanced conformation with long elegant lines like his mother and the same light fluid movements. He is gregarious, curious, and forgiving. Very much his own “horse” he understands why people gravitate to him and he is a bit cocky. He certainly has a good mixture of qualities to make an impressive riding partner down the road. We expect him to mature around 16.2 hh.

Congratulations to J. Russel, Alberta


2017 Chestnut mare


Menuet is a beautifully balanced and harmonious filly with a golden temperament. She is sweet, tolerant, patient and brave. She has three lovely gaits and will be at home both in the hunter ring like so many of her paternal siblings or on the dressage square like her maternal ones. She is, at the moment, unstarted but very well handled. She’s grown up in a herd, outside 24/7, over large pastures, like all our babies. We expect her to mature in the 16.1hh-16.2 range.

Congratulations to R. Bartow, New Jersey


2018 Palomino colt



Stunning colt with a great mind and beautiful canter. Powerful hindquarters on this little guy! Very poised with aplomb, he takes life in strides and has a lovely combination of boldness and respect. The Warmblood blended beautifully with the Saddlebred in this cross. 

His closest friends now call him Fraser.



Congratulations to T.Twedell, Alberta



2017 Bay filly


Stunning, feminine, and beautiful in and out; Manège is a stand-out. She is also proof that we don’t always keep the best for us. Between her steady and calm temperament, her outstanding movement, and her type, we are very proud of this girl.

Congratulations to T. Mathieu, Alberta


(aka Davinci Code)

2017 Bay colt

(Delta Force/Déesse)


Powerful colt with absolutely stunning good looks, this boy turned heads the moment he was born. He was born brave and bold and never looked back. An awesome adjustable canter, full of jump and loft hints at a great career over fence and in the hunter ring where his jumper heritage should shine.

Now showing in the hunter ring, his nickname is Douglas.



Congratulations to Sara, Alberta



2012 Black Bay filly


Hadria is from the breeding program of Shady Rill Farm in Ontario. She was bought as a potential broodmare and riding horse as well as a companion to our lonely 2012 filly. Hadria quickly became a cherished member of our little herd. Extremely friendly and easy to handle, she grew into a beautiful young mare. Easy to start, diligent under saddle and always so kind she took the winter off to carry her filly to term. She did not quite have the temperament to be a career broodmare however being far more interested in people then in other horses. We are happy she has now found her own family where she will be loved and developed into the stunning riding horse we know she will become.

Congratulations to J. Wearmouth, Alberta


2016 Dark Bay filly


What a lovely filly Hadria produced for her first foal. By the celle flagship stallion Rotspon, of the famed R line, this filly knows how to move! She shows plenty of range of motion in all her joints, has some great suspension and loves to move. We expect her to mature over 16hh with plenty of bone and excellent feet. This one should be sound for ages!  Very well balanced from day one with good walk, trot, and canter early on,  she also showed us the temperament we expected from such a combination: level headed, showy and very people oriented. We are proud to have brought this future riding partner into the world.

Congratulations to Pauline, Alberta


2012 Chestnut filly


This pretty, elegant filly was destined to stay with us to replace her dam in the broodmare band but the perfect home came along and she found her way east to become someone’s dance partner. She had the movement of her dam and the level headed temperament of her sire in a very harmonious package.

Congratulations to Chris, Ontario


(aka Knight Renegade)

2015 Black colt


KLM was a custom foal, a custom order! The request was for a sweet minded, quiet, elegant horse with ability for dressage in a slightly smaller package. KLM came into this world knowing exactly what was expected of him and he seems to be exactly what was requested. He is the most laid-back, personable foal we’ve had in a long time. He is on the smaller size and with the R and D in his pedigree, will be able to handle dressage and anything else with style.

Congratulations to Amy, Alberta

San Diego

2015 Black colt


San Diego was born by embryo transfer. A solid, very correct colt with a friendly bold temperament. Always easy to handle, exuberant and playful, this one has power to spare. He was awarded the distinction of Premium at the Oldenburg Verband inspection. He is all set for a career over fence.

Congratulations to S. Lucas, Alberta


2014 Grey colt


This strong, tall colt is another superb foal delivered by our wonderful Ferro daughter. This boy will likely be as tall and as strong and as suited for dressage as his older brothers. He had to face some health challenges as a foal but developed beautifully and has an amazing temperament. He is accepting and calm but willing to work.

Congratulations to Sandra, Alberta and thank you for your repeat purchase.

San Raphael

2014 Bay colt


Wow! What a colt! San Raphael was a looker right from the start. Cheeky, confident, smart, and an excellent mover- he was awarded the title of premium foal at his Oldenburg Verband inspection where he got good comments on his conformation and his excellent walk! Clearly stamped by his world renown sire he looked amazing from day one. He was purchased in-utero by his happy owner, Lisa who is looking forward to pursuing a career in dressage with him in a few years. I think this boy will have no problem doing whatever discipline she might choose. A more than proven dressage sire and a powerhouse of a jumper pedigree dam.

Congratulations to L. Wood, Ontario


1996 Chestnut mare


Welty was a dream to own. A wonderful mother and a great riding partner. She gave us two fillies: Rhea (Rubignon) and RedInk(Redwine). After pulling double duty as a pleasure riding horse and as a broodmare she went back in training and got confirmed at 2nd level before finding a new home.


2013 Bay colt


This colt was a custom foal and came into the world on the solstice, after some historical, torrential rain. From the start, he was sharp, alert, playful, and full of himself. These qualities are sure to make him a dynamite partner in dressage for his new owner. Hotlines babies are known to be excellent students under saddle and this sharp boy certainly knew where his legs were from the start. Containing or channeling his energy might be his biggest challenge but he has all the talent needed to make it far!

Congratulations to Kathryn, Yukon Territory


2013 Chestnut filly


Nordica delivered another copy of herself. The adorable Isadora is a picture of calm and serenity. She loves people and attention, is playful, super smart, and extremely easy to train. This powerful filly will be equally at home in the dressage arena as over fence. She has an innate sense of rhythm in all gaits that will make her a delight to ride and train. We were very happy with the quality of the filly and how well the Donnerhall lines crossed with Nordica.

Congratulations to the van Landeghem family, Alberta

We are happy to report that Isadora and her owner were Alberta Training level Dressage champion in 2018. Congrats to the whole team!


2013 Chestnut filly

(Wolkentanz II/Deesse)

This custom filly was long awaited. For one thing, Deesse had only given us colts (Deimos and Determinato) and her owner had wanted a foal by Deesse for the longest time. It was finally her time and Deesse outdid herself with this lovely, tall, elegant, stunning mover. Divine has all the presence, the loft, and the power to make a great dressage partner.

Congratulations to Sandra, Alberta and thank you for your repeat purchase.


2011 Chestnut filly


Big admirer of Consul, J. Wiltsie had been looking for just the right foal by him. He liked the size and model of Nordica, liked her pedigree and everything else about her and ask us for a custom foal. Since he likes substantial and tall horses, we hope he will be happy with Gabrina. This big solid filly will probably be a powerhouse both in dressage and over jumps. She has a sweet, laid-back temperament but she knows how to use herself well, and she can move! We particularly like her canter, her lovely topline, strong hindquarters, and her uphill build.

Congratulations J. Wiltsie, Texas and thank you for your repeat business.


Cremello mare


Elfin is a registered Saddlebred mare; registered as Ivory Lace. After giving us two colts, (Ivory Echo-purebred Saddlebred) and Ender (Dutch Warmblood cross) we focused on getting Elfin trained under saddle. Since we decided to focus on our warmblood broodmares we found Elfin a new home.


2011 Palomino colt


Another custom foal for our client who was looking to combine the power of the Warmblood with something lighter and more nimble but wanted to stay away from the TB. Elfin certainly refined this colt and gave him excellent movement. This boy just floats as he moves. He is a nice blending of the two phenotypes: he is more powerful then his dam without being heavy. He had a lovely trot and an excellent uphill canter. He is quick and alert. He was inspected as a foal by RPSI that awarded him the mention of Silver Premium and commented favorably on his excellent movement, uphill built and carriage, and excellent use of his hindquarters.

Congratulations to G. Kaufman, Alberta

Savoir Faire

2011 Bay Tobiano filly

(Perdition VF/Shotsey)

This was a custom foal request from someone that wanted to bring along a foal to eventually compete in endurance. She liked the combination of the stamina of the Arab and the quickness of the Saddlebred to help cover the miles. Perdition VF had produced some good endurance horses already and was an excellent match for Shotsey who contributed her sweeping, effortless trot, excellent feet, and powerful hind-end and back. The rest will be up to conditioning and Savvy.

Congratulations to Jayne, Texas and we thank her for her repeat purchase.

Invictus Rex

2011 Chestnut colt


Invictus Rex was conceived with hopes of blending some of the best bloodlines for jumping. His pedigree reads like a who’s who of the most proven sire of jumpers: Indoctro, Argentinus, Rio Grande, and Golden Millner. This colt is extremely well balanced, very bold without being cheeky, and he was born looking impressive. We are incredibly impressed with this boy’s movement and overall look – he just has *IT*. The quality of his breeding simply shines through. He is destined for the big jumper ring, of that there is no question! He was sold in-utero.

Congrats to Sandra, Alberta and we thank you for your repeat business.


2010 Chestnut filly


A compact little powerhouse, this filly has all the right ingredients for a career in dressage with the combination of the R and D line as well as Welty’s fabulous abilities under saddle. This filly was sold in utero.

Congratulations to the Ortinsky family, Alberta


2010 Grey colt


Sold in-utero to someone that was a great fan of the stallion, Soprano, and loved his first foal by Deesse, so it was a no brainer that it was the right fit. Life intervened and this very tall fellow changed hands a few times but he was always loved and appreciated.

Congratulations to J. Wiltsie, Texas


2010 Black Tobiano filly


There is something about this filly that turns your head when she arrives. Her splashy coloring, her absolutely lovely temperament, and her spark and energy are just completely endearing. Like all Shotsey and Gatsby babies, the temperament on this one is second to none.

Congratulations to Jayne, Texas


2010 Cremello colt

(Vanilla Hot Shot/Elfin)

We bought Elfin in foal to this really fancy and refined Saddlebred stallion and we were thrilled to get this lovely colt. He was a purebred Saddlebred of the rarest color and he got quite a following very early on; but his eventual owner moved the quickest to secure him as hers.

Congratulations to Brandi, British Columbia


2009 Chestnut colt


This colt was built so well and so strong; combining the Gelderlander build of his dam with the elegance of his Trakhenner-influenced sire. He was a nice combination of both. From the start, we knew he could do all the things. He was a determined colt with a strong temperament, but he was easy to handle and to train.

Congratulations to Sandra, Alberta


2009 Grey colt


Perhaps our most stunning colt ever! This boy was big, strong, well balanced, and just knew he was special right from the start. He grew and grew but kept his quiet, noble temperament and poise. He had great movement without being super flashy and has just the right carriage to be able to handle any job.

Congratulations to J.Wiltsie, Texas


(aka Echo)

2009 Bay Tobiano colt

(State of the Art/Aurora)

This little guy has the sweetest Saddlebred of a mother and a proven sporthorse sire that combined some TB and Warmblood lines. He seemed to have been born to canter and his great rhythm hinted that he could do well over fence. He was sharp, active, and mischievous, and a clear favorite to interact with that year; always at the gate to greet us. He was sold to a dressage home but life intervened and he eventually ended up in a jumper barn where he still is today.

Congratulations to A. Blair, Alberta

Sofia Fria

2008 Black Tobiano filly


This furry little filly was born in the middle of winter and was just a ray of sunshine during those long dark months. She took the world on and has the greatest attitude and charm from the start. She was sold in-utero and was destined for all around use and fun.

Congratulations to M. Reading, Yukon Territory


2005 Amber Champagne filly


We bought this filly in the hopes of keeping her as a broodmare and she gave us a phenomenal colt, but she just did not grow, and we found her a bit small for our program.  We chose to find her a good home where she became a riding and lesson horse – thanks to her lovely temperament.

Congratulations to Brandi, British Columbia


2005 Black gelding

This boy was bought originally to be our herd sire, but he did not quite develop the way we hoped he would, so he was gelded and sold as a riding horse. He had a wonderful, calm temperament that nothing disturbed, and he was brave and bold and loved to jump.

Congratulations to A. Wall, Alberta


2007 Grey Tobiano colt


The cutest little black and white colt with a fun take on life, exuberant, and yet eager to please and learn. He is very elegant and refined (from his Saddlebred mother) but with a good amount of sit and power from his Andalusian father. We are very happy to see him maturing so well. This boy was a custom foal for his new owner.

Congratulations to T. Prisnee, Alberta

Red Vandal

2007 Bay colt


Red Vandal was inspected by RPSI and received a score of 8.1, awarding him the Gold Premium title; the highest scoring foal at his inspection. He was a really well-moving colt with a levelheaded attitude and just a bit of spark and energy. He grew into a very dependable mount for his owner who does a little bit of everything with him.

Congratulations to D. Wist, Alberta

“Vandal is doing very well. He was started under saddle at the beginning of April and training is going very well. He is listening well and taking everything in stride. I am very pleased with him, he is a wonderful horse. Vandal has since attended his very first show in early July and did quite well; scoring an impressive 79%. He is a fantastic horse. Every clinic we go to the clinicians want him. My sister in law who is a trainer in Calgary says she gets first dibs on him if I ever sell him. He isn’t going anywhere though. I love his mind and he is so good for me. As a Mom to two boys life gets a bit hectic. Vandal has such a great mind I never have to worry with him.”


2006 Grey colt



This colt was an interesting mix, showing good qualities of both the Andalusian and the Saddlebred. He was a very poised and bold young colt and he only gained in confidence as he grew. He had a strong opinion about things but came around with some good handling. He turned grey very slowly and was still almost black as a four-year-old.

Congratulations to Mariann, Yukon Territory

Chance in a Million

(aka Soleil)

2006 Buckskin filly

(Maxamillion/Taking Chances)

Sold in utero, this little head-turner was a great mix of Warmblood and Saddlebred, full of energy, and with a sharp, smart head on her, she was always going to be the perfect partner for someone wanting to do a bit of everything.

Congratulations to Nicole, British Columbia

(March 2010): “She is doing really well, such a quick learner, and seems to be enjoying her time because she is happy to come out and work each day! Just a quick video… from day 3. She is still obviously trying very hard to figure out the whole contact, balance and forward thing… but she is at least trying! And learning quick!”

Taking Chances

1996 Chestnut mare


From the Scripps Miramar farm, this mare was royally bred and trained perfectly in the Pat Parelli method. She was a fun ride, in and out of the arena, and went on to take many fun adventures.

Congratulations to G. Robertson, British Columbia


2005 Bay colt


This colt was way more laid back than his dam. He learned well and seemed to get better with every lesson. He was shorter coupled than his dam but got her long, elegant neck and more animated movement. He went on to do a bit of everything: jumping, some work on the flat, and he went to the mountains and did numerous trail rides.

Congratulations to C. Heinz, Alberta


2005 Black colt


This colt was all show. He was a mix of a very hot and popular sire and the Saddlebred, Taking Chances. We did not know much about the Saddlebred show world, but he landed in a family that knew exactly what he could do.

Congratulations to K. Pierzchalski, Alberta


Bay mare

 (Canadian Warmblood)

Sagesse was bought as a potential broodmare, but things did not work out quite the way we planned. She found a new home where she became an excellent riding partner.

Congratulations Ryan, Yukon Territory


Palomino mare


Fee was bought as a prospect when she was a young foal.  We brought her along until she was of riding age. We never quite saw eye to eye, though, and so it was decided to find her a home that could appreciate her more then us.

Congratulations to K. Smith, British Columbia